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LOTTO - results

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06 21 26 40 42 44 + 49

17-Mar-2018Draw info

HOT: 06 COLD: 22
Estimated jackpot for 21.03.2018 is R14,500,000

LOTTO PLUS 1 - results

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02 05 17 31 46 51 + 48

17-Mar-2018Draw info

HOT: 23 COLD: 37
Estimated jackpot for 21.03.2018 is R10,000,000

LOTTO PLUS 2 - results

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03 08 21 32 36 39 + 10

17-Mar-2018Draw info

HOT: 21 COLD: 43
Estimated jackpot for 21.03.2018 is R1,700,000

RAPIDO - results

1 2 5 6 7 8 10 18 + 4

Nr. 45664 (18-Mar-2018)Draw info

HOT: ? COLD: ?
Rapido results take place every 5 minutes every day!

POWERBALL - results

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08 17 29 31 38 + 05

16-Mar-2018Draw info

HOT: 08 COLD: 38
Estimated jackpot for 20.03.2018 is R26,000,000


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09 14 16 26 29 + 15

16-Mar-2018Draw info

HOT: 35 COLD: 17
Estimated jackpot for 20.03.2018 is R1,200,000

PICK 3 - results

6 6 0

18-Mar-2018Draw info

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New & Past South African lottery results

This is fully functional lottery site with South African results of games as Lotto, Powerball or Pick 3. Simply click the game you like and search for your numbers.

All the published draws are grouped by game name. There you will find latest National Lottery results along with historical draws. In this year (2016) you are welcome for the first time to visit site to check your Christmass Raffle tickets. We know that predicting Lotto South Africa numbers is very hard. SA Powerball numbers too. Because od that me made the set of special tools useful to selecting proper numbers.

Remember that draws are conducted tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday at 21:00 PM. As we consider new National game - Pick 3, draws happen every day about 20:30 and presented 20:45.

Where can I find Lotto & Powerball results?

Since its launch in 2000 South Africa National Lottery changed many lives. Almost 1000 people became millionaires. Nowadays all the results are available on this site.

From 2005 Ithuba is the offical operator of SA National Lotto. The brand was refreshed, and site became more intuitive. On our website we publish the results of Lotto, Powerball, Lotto Plus, Powerball Plus. The results are published immediately on the web after the draw in official studio in SABC2 or Etv.

SA Lottery results, history and tools for predicting lottery

We want to help you playing lottery games so we made some tools for number analysis and hold databases with archival results. Archived results contains informations about machines used and ball sets. You can also find number of winners and prizes here with estimated jackpot amounts.

Tools allows you to make statistics of hot and cold numbers, see graphic maps or draw chart of numbers frequency. Feel free to use the best number generator for Lotto and automatic lottery ticket checker.

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