How to play lottery responsibly?

responsible gambling

Playing the lottery can be addictive - everyone knows this, but few respect its power. Something tells us to look at the results on Lotto page every day.

The same causes that we feel the thrill of the draw taking place live. All because we have dreams. Of course, it is worth dreaming and looking forward to make them come true, but you have to consider existing dangers.

If you want to play, carefully think about your budget. How much you spend each month, knowing that you will not get the money back. First, prepare yourself to losing every time. Then decide how much you can spend from household budget for the purposes of participation in gambling. Will it be an amount equal to the value of a few loaves of bread or a new phone depends on you, and your capabilities. Much easier it will be to come to terms with losing the draw, if you know that you have not spent too much. Then, you do not feel a duty to explain to other people. You do not have to explain to yourself you were porepared, and it was good fun to play lottery.

Always treat the game as fun. But winning treat completely seriously - to not lose the joy of the game, you shouldn't use winnings for another try ir they exceed your limit.

Recently new game came to South africa. It's called Pick 3 and is much fun. If you want to play it consider changing your lottery budget a little. For example if you play lotteries with R250 every month you can make it about R300 - R400. Pick 3 draws are every day, and it may be the problem. Remember - it's only a game. It's a kind of tax on dreams we all pay. Do not make it too big.

Gaming responsibly - how to?

There are four main keys to playing responsibly presented originally by National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG).

  1. Responsible gamblers understand that the house holds greater odds of winning than the player.
  2. Responsible gaming is conducted in a social setting, with family, friends or colleagues.
  3. Responsible gaming is done for limited amounts of time, both in frequency and duration.
  4. Responsible gaming has both predetermined and acceptable limits for losses.

Also remember that you should not feel pressure to play lottery. Make it your own, independent decision. Gambling is not the only good way to have fun in your leisure time. It's decent when you know your limits. Play Lotto or Powerball or any game with money you can lose - it's a cost of having fun. Don't borrow money for lottery play purposes! It very often causes only troubles. Don't play if you feel alone, depressed, under teh stress. Don't do this to impress people. Remember not to use too much alcohol whem playing lotteries or gambling.

And of course - good luck!

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