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This game is very simple. You need to select 3 numbers, every number can be chosen from set 0 to 9. Eg. you choose 0 and 2 and 9. However there are six different ways to bet & win!
  • Numbers can repeat, eg. you can choose 8-8-6.
  • Pick3 draws will be every day at 8:00 pm.
  • Results published 8:45 pm on ETV, results right after on our site.
  • You can bet R3, R5, R10, or R20.
  • You can win everyday maximum amount of R 10 000.
  • Lottery starts 04.12.2016

6 ways to bet & win

You can only choose one type of bet. There are few boards on the betslip to choose 3 of 0-9 numbers with selected coupon wager. Ways to match numbers:
  • Straight - match 3 winning numbers in exact order
    - Example: if results are 2-4-1, your numbers must be 2-4-1 in this exact order.
    - Max win: R 10 000
  • 3 way mix - when one of 3 numbers chosen by you is repeated (eg. 112)
    - THEN there are 3 winning cobinations (results) for you: 112, 121, 211.
    - Max win: R 3 340
  • 6 way mix - match 3 winning numbers not necessarily in exact order (but none of numbers is repeated eg. you bet 123)
    - THEN there are 6 winning cobinations (results) for you: 123, 132, 213, 231, 321, 312.
    - Max win: R 1 680
  • Front Pair - match 2 numbers in the front
    - Example: if results are 2-4-1, your first two numbers must be 2-4.
    - Max win: R 1 000
  • Back Pair - match 2 numbers in the back
    - Example: if results are 2-4-1, your last two numbers must be 4-1.
    - Max win: R 1 000
  • Split Pair - match 2 numbers - one in front and one in the end
    - Example: if results are 2-4-1, your first number must be 2 and last must be 1.
    - Max win: R 1 000

How much do you win in Pick3 game

Bet amountR3R5R10R20
StraightR 1500R 2500R 5000R 10 000
3-Way mixR 501R 835R 1670R 3 340
6-Way mixR 252R 420R 840R 1 680
Front pairR 150R 250R 500R 1 000
Split pairR 150R 250R 500R 1 000
Back pairR 150R 250R 500R 1 000

Pick3 game rules - official regulations excerpt

  • All prizes are guaranted, winner do not share pool with others, there are multiple winners possible.
  • You can place bet for 7 consecutive draws on single betslip.
  • You can use option Quick Pick to generate numbers for you.
  • The liability limit for the PICK 3 Game is R15 000 000. This means that if too many players bet on certain combination that exceed the liability limit, system will not allow next players to bet on that combination.

SA PICK 3 probabilities

This table shows probability of winning in every betting choice. For example - 1 in 100 odds means taht on average you win one timein 100 plays.

Straight0.0011 in 1000
3-Way mix0.0011 in 333
6-Way mix0.0061 in 167
Front pair0.0101 in 100
Split pair0.0101 in 100
Back pair0.0101 in 100

SA lotto PICK3 starts 4th December 2016!

Update: 8 December 2016

For today, we have already 4 draws conducted an we are waiting for more (next is today at about 20-21 pm). It was quite rough start. Many players encountered problems trying to buy a Pick 3 ticket. Most of ITHUBA retailers didn't have betslips available or didnt't know how to execute them. But Pick 3 players were eager to play and found somehow working retailers. Fist total sales (4.12.2016) were about R200,000. Sales record for one day was day 3 - with R571,752. Players won already about R700,000 in four draws.

pick 3 south africa

Come later for more informations about this new South African lottery game. For now there is no more informations known!

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