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LOTTO - results

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06 16 21 27 30 52 + 35

20-Feb-2019Draw info

HOT: 32 COLD: 30
Estimated jackpot for 23.02.2019 is R10,000,000


04 25 30 31 43 44 + 02

20-Feb-2019Draw info

HOT: 38 COLD: 04
Estimated jackpot for 23.02.2019 is R10,300,000


02 08 24 27 40 50 + 46

20-Feb-2019Draw info

HOT: 48 COLD: 50
Estimated jackpot for 23.02.2019 is R1,000,000

RAPIDO - results

2 5 6 8 10 11 16 20 + 3

Nr. 90449 (03-Oct-2018)

HOT: ? COLD: ?
Rapido results take place every 5 minutes every day!

POWERBALL - results

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14 18 21 26 35 + 05

19-Feb-2019Draw info

HOT: 29 COLD: 43
Estimated jackpot for 22.02.2019 is R5,000,000


14 16 32 38 50 + 19

19-Feb-2019Draw info

HOT: 45 COLD: 50
Estimated jackpot for 22.02.2019 is R36,000,000


3 4 5

21-Feb-2019Draw info

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National Lottery Christmas Raffle 2018 starting 21 October!

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The biggest lottery scandal - he knew what the Hot Lotto numbers would be!

It was the biggest scandal in the lottery world. One man with a friend hacked the lottery computer. He entered his numbers of Hot Lotto to win the jackpot in 2010, and was accused of fraud in 2015. | 21.08.2018

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South African lottery draws by Ithuba

This is a fully functional lottery site with South African results of games as Lotto, Powerball or Pick 3. Simply click the game you like and search for your numbers. Get a coupon to your hand and start checking if you became a millionaire last night! The year 2018 had a great start as few lucky players already won millions of PHP in National lotteries organized by Ithuba from 2015.

All the published draws are grouped by game name. There you will find the latest National Lottery results along with historical draw numbers. In 2016 you were welcome for the very first time to visit a site to find your winning Christmass Raffle numbers. We know that predicting Lotto numbers is very hard. SA Powerball numbers too. Because of that, we made the set of special lottery tools useful for selecting proper numbers. They may be used instead of counting in your head, especially when you play Rapido in which draws are happening every 5 minutes! We tried to make our tools colorful and useful, in consequence affecting your betting skills.

Remember that draws are happening Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday at about 21:00 pm or 20:54 pm depending tv channel. As we consider new National games - Pick 3 and Rapido, draws happen every day. Pick3 about 8:30 pm and numbers are presented 8:45 pm. More information you will find in the article dedicated to this matter - Which lottery drawings are tonight?

Where can I find Lotto & Powerball results?

Since its launch in 2000, South Africa National Lottery changed many lives. Almost 1000 people became millionaires. Nowadays all the results are available on this site - online. In the past, people used to search for results in the newspapers, lotto kiosks or tv channels. Older players remember times without internet and mobile phones. The only way to check numbers was to wait for tv broadcast and if you missed it, you had to wait till the morning for newspapers.

Nowadays a draw summary can be found at any retailer of Lotto products. However, in the internet era, it is fast and easy to check for them on our site. Results are always fresh because we look closely at tv draw broadcasts and note them for players. But always remember to double check your tickets! We do our best to provide the most correct results but sometimes, somebody can make a mistake.

From 2015 Ithuba is the official operator of SA National Lotto. The brand was refreshed, and the site became more intuitive. On our website, we publish the results of Lotto, Powerball, Lotto Plus, Powerball Plus. The results are published immediately on the web after the draw in the official studio in SABC2 or Etv.

Office address:
Ithuba National Lottery, 14A Charles Crescent, Eastgate Ext. 4, Sandton, 2148

SA National Lottery results, history and tools for predicting numbers

We want to help you playing lottery games so we made some tools for numerical analysis and hold databases with archival results. Archived results contain information about machines used and ball sets during the exact draw. You can also find a number of winners and prizes with estimated jackpot amounts.

Tools allow you to make statistics of hot and cold numbers, see graphic maps or draw the chart of numbers frequency. Feel free to use the best number generator for Lotto and automatic lottery ticket checker.

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