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Our lottery page is a friendly place for players to discuss lottery topics. We deliver information about lottery results in South Africa. Additionally, we present the results of the world's biggest lotteries. You will find on this website everything about lotteries. Use our tools, statistics, random number generators, and more. The website started in early 2016 to become one of the biggest lottery sites in South Africa. Many lottery players visit for Lotto and Powerball results daily. Our objective is to provide the most accurate and fastest lottery results every day to our beloved visitors. With our webpage, players can share opinions, access most world's lotteries results, and try tools for predicting numbers. We do our best to make this site load fast, be reliable, and accurate. Our authors work on it every day for many hours for your satisfaction.


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Published 3 November, 2017 - site published the post about SA raffle lotteries. We can read: "All over the world, in South Africa, Spain, England and America, there are special Christmas lotteries with great prizes for the players. They are organized only once a year as part of Christmas celebrations. On this special day, Players tend to buy coupons only for this lottery, not as the usual - Lottos."

Published 2 January, 2017 - Polish site mentioned the fact, that polish company was an architect for South African lottery implementation. "Engineers from the Polish company GTECH Poland (IGT Group) designed from scratch, and then implemented the IT system for the Ithuba retailers. The project lasted 12 months. During that time, almost 9,000 stationary terminals were delivered and installed, as well as special software designed for mobile devices used to sell lottery games."

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