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Published 3 November, 2017 - site published the post about SA raffle lotteries. We can read: "All over the world, in South Africa, Spain, England and America, there are special Christmas lotteries with great prizes for the players. They are organized only once a year as part of Christmas celebrations. On this special day, Players tend to buy coupons only for this lottery, not as the usual - Lottos."

Published 2 January, 2017 - Polish site mentioned the fact, that polish company was an architect for South African lottery implementation. "Engineers from the Polish company GTECH Poland (IGT Group) designed from scratch, and then implemented the IT system for the Ithuba retailers. The project lasted 12 months. During that time, almost 9,000 stationary terminals were delivered and installed, as well as special software designed for mobile devices used to sell lottery games."

ITHUBA - owner of the National Lottery brand

Ithuba is a privately owned South African company founded by the Zamani Equity Fund. It was officialy chosen to operate National Lottery products in South Africa.

National Lottery Mailing Address

Private Bag x60, Gallo Manor, 2052
South Africa

National Lottery Chief Executive Officer

Charmaine Mabuza (Mrs.)

National Lottery product sales

In 2017 total sales: R6,003,378,965