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Lotto results - 14.07.2018

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How to play SA Lotto

Playing this game is really easy. You need 6 numbers from 1 to 52. Winning Lotto numbers are being drawn every wednesday and saturday at 21:00.

  • You need a Lotto Betslip, find it at your nearest Lotto retailer.
  • Use a pencil or a pen to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 52 on as many boards as you wish.
  • Take your Betslip to a cashier and make your payment - R5 for every one ticket per draw.
  • You will get a ticket with chosen numbers, you can sign it at the back.
  • Check winning numbers on this site, and don't throw away a ticket! Always double check numbers from different sources (tv, newspaper, or official Ithuba site:

Lotto prizes and odds

Prizes may vary in each draw. They depend on the fact if the jackpoot was won and number of winning players in the draw. Also it is connected with number of sold tickets before specific draw. Although, the prize for matching 3 numbers is always guaranted and fixed. If you match 3 of 6 numbers you get a R50 prize. If somebody hit the jackpot the share of prize pool is quite similar to shown below in the table.

Matched numbersShare of prize poolOdds of winning
6 correct73.0%1 in 20,358,520
5/6 + Bonus Ball2.3%1 in 3,393,087
5/64.0%1 in 75,402
4/6 + Bonus Ball5.0%1 in 30,161
4/68.4%1 in 1,371
3/6 + Bonus Ball7.3%1 in 1,028
3/6fixed R 501 in 72
2/6 + Bonus Ballfixed R 201 in 96

If you want to play the lottery you need to know what are the odds of winning the jackpot after matching all six results of Lotto. Also what are the odds of winning smaller prizes? To win the jackpot you must defeat about 20 million possibilities (number of combinations). This means that one in about 20 milion sold tickets wins the jackpot! Chances are smaller than dieing in a car accident. When you play, make sure that the ticket price satisfie your expectations in relation to what you can win. The chances of winning the individual prize divisions are shown in the table above.

Prize payout methods

You have one year to claim the cash you won. Smaller oprizes are possible to withdraw directly from your official Ithuba wallet to your bank. You can remain anonymous after the win.

Lotto prize tax

There is no additional tax to pay after claiming the lottery prize. All taxes are already paid in the ticket price.

Where to watch draw online?

You can watch every draw in the local television like SABC2 (20:56). Other option is to use youtube channel located here: (broadcasts added after the drawing).

Lotto jackpots and rollovers

In this lottery game there is something we call rollover. Jackpot prize grows as long as nobody match the 6/6 numbers and Bonus Ball. This means pool for 1st prize division is rolled over to the next Draw's corresponding division. This provides from time to time great cash prizes opportunities.

  1. If there are no winners in division 2-6 then the pool rolls down to the lower division, e.g. division 3 to division 4.
  2. If there are no winners in division 7 (quite impossible) then the pool rolls over to division 1 of the next draw.
  3. Breakage from any Lotto division rollover to the same division next draw.

How big is the jackpot

The minimal jackpot amount is set to R2 million. There is no upper limit.

History of South African Lotto

Ithuba is Lotto operator from June 1st, 2015. However African Lotto game is known from year 2000. First SA Lotto results were published after inaugural draw on 11 march 2000 (corresponding Lotto Plus 1 results are here). First jackpot was split between six lucky players. President Thabo Mbeki bought the first ever Lotto ticket in Cape Town few days before the draw. From then, Lotto remains most popular game in South Africa.

Ithuba made some changes to Lotto game on August 2nd, 2017. Lotto Plus 2 as an option to the game was proposed to the public. Lotto Plus became "Lotto Plus 1". Since then all Lotto games had new number matrix of 52 numbers instead of 49. Prizes divisions and payout amounts changed. One division with fixed prize was added. Changes were made to make more and bigger jackpots.

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