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Lotto Raffle is back! SA Christmas Raffle 2017 results 30th December

In two days, on 29th October Raffle 2017 sales open! Get your ticket to have a chance to win a car or huge cash prize! Prizes exceed R15 million. Check results and how to play guide!

Publication: 27.10.2017

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Over R39 million in jackpot prizes still not claimed by winners!

Read this article carefully, you can be one of the owners of the big prizes, that are still unclaimed (2017 prizes waiting up to 365 days for winner). If you won, call Ithuba office.

Publication: 26.10.2017

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Gambling in Africa in recent years - short review

Our latest article concerning gambling situation in Africa. We cover Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa lotteries, casinos, onlune betting and sports betting.

Publication: 09.10.2017

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African National Lottery is switching to digital computerised draws?!

Ithuba goes high-tech for its new draw shows. However, I'm not sure players will be satisfied, because there is one problem. Draws will be not live and not mechanic, just computerised.

Publication: 04.09.2017

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Philippine PCSO and SA Lottery games comparison

We made a short comparison of lottery games. Today we try some Philippine games like Ultra Lotto or Swertres. Are they worth a try comparing to South African lottery games?

Publication: 13.08.2017

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Is National Lottery (Powerball and Lotto) rigged?

Can lotteries be rigged by a human? We know that it happened one time in USA. What about SA lotteries? Read this to be more acknowledged with lottery systems vulnerability.

Publication: 05.08.2017

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Two lucky players claim the SA biggest 2017 jackpots - Powerball & Lotto

Two men from Durban collected biggestso far jackpots in 2017. They played very luckily Powerball Plus and Lotto. One of them used random numbers and won so much money!

Publication: 25.06.2017

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One winner still didn't claimed the winning Christmass Raffle ticket

One player still unclaimed his winning from Christmass edition of Raffle. The car is waiting for him or her - check your tickets, maybe it is You?!

Publication: 31.05.2017

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Biggest Lotto Plus Jackpot for housewife from Free State

Wondering what was the highest amount ever won in Lotto Plus? As the matter of fact, this jackpot was hit this year, on March 1. Now it belongs to housewife from Free State of SA.

Publication: 15.04.2017

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Easter Raffle - SA lottery starts on march 26!

In about 20 days new Easter Raffle tickets sale begins! Many great prizes are waiting for you. Check more information about this special offer only for Easter. How much is the ticket?

Publication: 08.03.2017

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10 interesting facts about Lotto, you need to know!

Dou you know about these facts? lotto is very popular game, so many stories came to our minds during writing this article. Some are funny, some very surprising, and some can be very sad.

Publication: 27.02.2017

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Guaranteed Powerball Plus Jackpot on Valentine's Day - R25 Million

Are you ready to win huge Powerball Plus jackpot guaranted on Valentine's Day? Draw will be conducted on 14.02.2017. Jackpot's amount is guaranted and will be exactly R25 Milion! Remember to play a game that day!

Publication: 10.02.2017

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What to do with a large cash (lottery prize)?!

Most people can't handle big lottery prize. They lose all the jackpot money, on average - in one year. Are you ready for winning big Lottery jackpots? It's time to rethink this thorougly.

Publication: 06.01.2017

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How to play lottery responsibly?

Responsible gambling is knowing your limits. It is very important when playing lottery too. Read this article to know when you should stop, and in what circumstances not even start playing.

Publication: 14.12.2016

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Christmas Raffle - special SA lottery till 30 December!

There are only 30 days left to buy your Christmas Raffle ticket! 15 cars and cash prizes wait for you. Check more information about this special chrismas giveaway. How to play? How get the ticket?

Publication: 01.12.2016

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