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10 most stupid lottery winners

Published: Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Here is a small list of lucky Lotto players who have lost all their winnings. You can call it stupid. On the other hand, how would each of us deal with such big money? Winning big is often a curse.

1. Willie Hurt - $ 3.1 million - a great father, well-known in the local community

He won several million dollars in the Lotto game in Michigan. In the following two years, he started to do drugs, especially cocaine that became affordable to him. This led to divorce and the loss of children. His stupidity cost him a fortune. What is worse, he was later accused of murdering a girl while being drunk for many days.

2. Jose Antonio - 750 thousand $

When he won the big lottery prize in Georgia, he was staying in the United States illegally. That is why he asked his boss to collect the prize on his behalf. However, this caused a very costly lawsuit against him. After a long hearing, all the money was spent on court costs and additional charges.

3. Evelyn Adams - $ 5.4 million

She won twice in two years, breaking the lottery jackpot worth over $ 5 million. She was probably convinced of her extraordinary happiness and took the money to the casino in Atlantic City believing it will last forever. Strangely, she lost everything because luck didn't work no more. As a result, this millionaire ended living in camping.

4. Vivian Nicholson - 152 319 pounds

When Vivian's husband won the lottery, she decided to look after her husband's fortune. She completely cut off from family and friends and wandered around the shops spending too much money. When her husband died in a car accident, she fell into the trap of shopping even more and spent everything she had.

5. Callie Rogers - 1.9 million pounds

Callie Rogers was a 16-year-old girl who won the UK lottery in 2003. Probably her young age helped her a lot to lose all that money. She did some plastic surgery, bought a few houses, and went on a luxury vacation. In the end, she had to live again with her mother. Her husband was beaten to death.

6. William Post - $ 16 million

Within three months of receiving his first annual payment of 16 million prize, William already had a debt of 500,000 $, because he bought a restaurant and a plane. Besides, many friends wanted to grab some of his fortune, including his ex, who sued him for some money and won. If this was not enough - his brother hired a serial killer to inherit the lottery win. Fortunately, this was unsuccessful.

7. Denise Rossi - $ 1.3 million

After winning the lottery in California, she decided to leave her husband and keep the money just for herself. Her ex-husband sued her for not mentioning these assets in a divorce case. The judge decided that he would receive the entire amount in return. Denise was left with nothing.

8. Amanda Clayton - $ 1 million

She was known as a drunk addict in the local community. Winning the lottery further deteriorated the woman's ratings. She was accused of embezzlement and died not very long after to a drug overdose.

9. Americo Lopes - $ 24 million

Americo did what most players dream of. He quit his job and decided to live a new, very prosperous life. Unfortunately, when claiming the jackpot prize, he did not admit that the win should be shared among 5 people who purchased the ticket together. He lost $ 20 million in court.

10. Michael Carroll - 9.7 million pounds

Michael Carroll won in the National Lottery of Great Britain. Within five years he said goodbye to this cash very quickly. He was helped by prostitutes, drugs, and organizing destruction derby races behind the house. Now he works in a cookie factory and has nothing left from the prize.

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