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03.08.2018 - Prepare for tonight's biggest Powerball jackpot ever! R140 million is waiting for lucky player

Tonoght somebody can win R140 million Powerball jackpot! It is another big rollover and record itself. There was no biggest jackpot prize in National Lottery Powerball ever before! Read more..

30.07.2018 - What R16 million Powerball Plus winner says?

R16 million Powerball Plus winner says that she always wanted to be a blessing for people although she lives in poverty. She has a big family and not much money. Jackpot prize was a blessing for her. Read more..

13.07.2018 - Who won the Powerball Jackpot on tuesday, 5th June 2018?

Two players shared almost R27 million prize of Powerball jackpot on 6th June, 2018. One of them is avid player and decided to talk with interviewers about the big win. Check what he has said. Read more..

19.06.2018 - R9 million winner slept in the car to keep Lotto ticket safe

There are many ways to secure your lotto ticket after winning. One of National Lottery winners decided to do it by sleeping with the ticket in his car before he could go and claim it in the office. Read more..

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