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13.03.2019 - PICK 3 game is canceled from 15 March 2019!

Ithuba announced that the Pick 3 game will be removed from the National Lottery portfolio from 15 March 2019. Read more..

26.02.2019 - Who won R8,7 million Lotto prize?

Story of the man who helped his family because of the great win in the Lotto in South Africa. A dad of three has won almost R9 million in Lotto few months ago and claimed the prize just now. Read more..

20.10.2018 - National Lottery Christmas Raffle 2018 starting 21 October!

The raffle is back! Ticket prizes are higher and the prize pool is smaller. I starts 21 October and closes 29 December 2018. Will you win one of the six houses (main prize)?! Read more..

21.08.2018 - The biggest lottery scandal - he knew what the Hot Lotto numbers would be!

It was the biggest scandal in the lottery world. One man with a friend hacked the lottery computer. He entered his numbers of Hot Lotto to win the jackpot in 2010, and was accused of fraud in 2015. Read more..

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