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02.07.2020 - Is there corruption in National Lotteries Commission?

NLC, which is responsible for funding good causes with lottery money may be corrupted. NLC management refused to show the list of beneficiares. Then, the list leaked and contained many questionable grants. Read more..

02.06.2020 - 10 most stupid lottery winners

Get ready to find out how stupiditly people can act after winning the lottery. These people lost all money in very short time. Read more..

21.05.2020 - 15 best books about gambling, gamblers, and lottery!

Want something to read? Why not a books about gambling? Many authors has written stories about gambling, especially in the past. Read more..

19.05.2020 - Is Lottery a scam? Popular myth debunked

Do lotteries cheat by knowing players numbers before the draw? Read the article to find out what is more possible - hard to pull scam or simple math odds. Read more..

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