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11.09.2020 - National Lottery is searching one lucky winner from July 10th

Nobody has claimed a jackpot prize from 10th July, 2020. That was a record jackpot in Powerball Plus and National Lottery started intensive searches for that player. Read more..

27.07.2020 - Are you a gambler? Where and how to find help?

Where to find a help if you are suspicious you becoming a gambling addict? Check who to call for help, and how to self-exclude from playing lottery. Read more..

22.07.2020 - Seven arguments against lotteries!

What are the arguments against lotteries? What do you risk when you play popular Lotto games - find out today! Read more..

21.07.2020 - Record jackpots in South Africa National Lottery

The list of the biggest jackpots in the National Lottery history. Who, how much and when has won big money? Read more..

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