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5.9 million EUR win after playing Irish lottery for 27 years

Published: Saturday, May 19, 2018

Speaking of the Irish Lotto , whose lottery takes place every week. 5.9 million euro is about R88 million.

To participate in Irish Lotto, 6 numbers have to be selected. A group of players managed to do this after 27 years of patiently playing the same numbers! So far, they used to win only smaller amounts of money, but fate was kind and a few years ago they turned into millionaires.

A group of seven players finally won their dream money - almost 6 million euros. It's much more than you can win today at Lotto in SA. After the split, each member of the "lotto group" received about 1 million euros. The winning ticket was purchased at the popular Tesco supermarket in Ash Road, Mullingar, on 9th May. The group has been playing since the beginning of the Irish Lotto, from the early eighties. So basically they played from 1988, each time with the same numbers on the ticket. Their biggest winnings so far were 56 euros (about R 843). As you can read on popular lottery site -, one member says he was confident of the hitting jackpot one day. The winning numbers turned out to be the following: 2, 5, 13, 17, 32 and 34. The leader of the group when he saw the results of the Irish Lotto was shocked, it was an unreal experience for him.