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17.04.2018 - Play National Lottery via PayU!

You can play safely the NAtional Lottery using Payu service starting from 11 april, 2018. You will find it in your lottery wallet on the official site. Read more..

17.04.2018 - Can lottery winners be anonymous?

Very interesting subject - can you stay anonymous when you win millions of rands and you are afraid of your life? Every winner want to stay in the shadow, but not always it is possible, check why. Read more..

04.04.2018 - Player thought he have won 75$ but real amount was 75,000$!

1player in California won 75,000 $ but he didn't know about this. He thought he won only 75$ due to a mistake made by cashier. This stroy has huge twist - check inside, what is the truth about honesty in the lottery. Read more..

29.03.2018 - How to play "Lottery Turns 18 Competition"?

There is ne exciting game for South African lottery players! Game is called Lottery Turns 18, and it is competition held in Metro FM. Everyone can try to get into the actiob by sending sms. Read more..

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