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09.05.2018 - Win It Up! - Powerball promotional competition

For six weeks you can win more than just cash prizes in popular National Lottery game - Powerball. Promotion is called the Win it Up! There are some decent prizes like trips to private island! Read more..

08.05.2018 - Movie about big lottery El Gordo win in Spain

In 2011 entire village managed to win the Christmas Lottery by spanish El Gordo. Each player won minimum amount of 100,000 euros! Everybody won.. except one player who was missed during the sales! Read more..

05.05.2018 - Today's LOTTO jackpot is guaranted R50 Million!

Today's National Lottery Lotto game will bring a big win of guaranted jackpot - R50 Million! If nobody wins there will be huge rollover. Do you have purchased your ticket already? Read more..

02.05.2018 - He thought he won 50 Million Rands!

This happened in polish lottery. Family found the big winning Lotto ticket in the park. However, retailer told them tah it is fake and they won nothing, the numbers were forged by someone to make stupid joke. Read more..

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