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Are you a gambler? Where and how to find help?

Published: Monday, July 27, 2020

The lottery is only one possible way to gamble in South Africa. In our country, there are various types of gambling like eaziwin play cards, online gambling, and casinos. You may become addicted to gambling because this kind of fun is easy reachable every day.

Statistics made by African Responsible Gambling Foundation show that especially people who are male, married, live in Gauteng, and are employed on a full-time basis are vulnerable to become an addict.

Who is a gambler? Gambler is someone who continues to play despite losses and other bad effects. A person feels an urge to play and his or her thoughts are always occupied by gambling. An addict needs to play more after the lose and need to play more after winning money to win more. Often this causes loss of money, loss of a job and family. Being a gambler is very destructive, thus you need to search for help.

If you believe you can have gambling issues try to reach for help. Start by visiting South African site: There you will find a telephone contact line and also email. But there are some things you can do for yourself. Start by self-exclusion from gambling activity. You need to contact companies that offered you playing possibilities in the past. Make a voluntary agreement with them to block your playing accounts. Request your money back. In some casinos and lotteries you can restrict the money value you can spend each day. This way you can limit your gambling activities.

This is the best way to start. When you are not able to gamble you will slowly forget an urge to play. And it doesn't cost you a penny. Contact phones are also free. If you have a problem start fighting it today.