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Check your old tickets! Over R25 million Powerball Plus prizes unclaimed

Published: Friday, May 25, 2018

You should check one more time tickets you bought almost a year ago because soon these could be worthless even if you won.

There is new South African National Lottery announcement, that over R25 million Powerball jackpots remain unclaimed by players who won. Two tickets are not claimed:

  • The first one is worth over R21,7 million prize. It was bought on Friday (30th June 2017) for R45 at 19:33. If it is your ticket you must hurry! It will expire after a year. It expires 30 June 2018.
  • The second ticket holds smaller prize of R3,4 million but still significant. It was bought on 21 July 2017 for R22.50 at 16:47. It will expire on 21 June 2018. Do you recognize this buying pattern1/ 1maybe it was you or your friend? Ask as many people as possible to find a winner.

What is interesting that both tickets were bought at the same store. It was Trading Store in Moshoeshoe Road, Sebokeng.

These tickets prizes if not claimed in time will be transferred to NLDTF which is National Lotteries Distribution Fund. So basically money will be distributed for the benefit of good causes.