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Christmas Raffle - special SA lottery till 30 December!

Thursday 1 December, 2016

South African Christmas raffle

Christmas Raffle 2017 edition results and info is HERE!

This checker is for Christmass 2016 only!


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Ticket sales for this lottery started 30 October 2016. Sales end 30 December at 15:30, it's 30 minutes before the draw. You have 30 days more to get your ticket! Jackpot prizes are nice Mercedes-Benz cars!

First winners info - MERCEDES-BENZ:
  • 1004956
  • 1718705
  • 0202207
  • 0475229
  • 0624781
  • 1110209
  • 1876645
  • 0261430
  • 0492558
  • 0782137
  • 1178306
  • 1977729
  • 0424038
  • 0515559
  • 0968994

Raffle 2016 results in text files:

Winning Mercedes ticket numbers - Raffle 2016
Winning R100,000 ticket numbers - Raffle 2016
Winning R10,000 ticket numbers - Raffle 2016
Winning R1,000 ticket numbers - Raffle 2016

This game is a special South African lottery for every Ithuba player that enter the draw till 30 Dec. Prizes are fixed and there are no rollovers. Prizes in next year edition may vary. Winning numbers will be selected by random number generator (special software to determine winning tickets in a random way).

Christmas Raffle ticket - where to buy, what is the cost?

You can buy your ticket at every retailer - you must be at least 18 years old. Tell the seller how many tickets you want and get printed coupons. Remember you can't pick numbers by yourself. Your ticket number is selected randomly by the lottery central system. Keep your ticket safe.

Ticket cost is R20. You can buy tickets for maximum amount of R10 000 (500 tickets).

What can You win in South African Christmas Raffle

The chance that you win anything is 1 in 1282 as there are 1560 prizes prepared for this year's raffle game!

PrizeHow manyOdds
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabrio151 in 133 333
R 100 000451 in 44 444
R 10 0005001 in 4 000
R 1 0001 0001 in 2 000

You have 365 days from the Draw date to claim your winnings. Although if you won the car, time for claiming the prize is only 30 days. After that, there is 90 day wait time before expiry. After expiring 50% of the unclaimed money is deposited into National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

  • Prizes not exceeding R2000 can be claimed at retailer.
  • You need to go to an authorized Prize Payment Centre to claim prize between R2001 and R50 000
  • If you won above R50 000 claim your prize at any of Ithuba’s offices.

The draw will be conducted live at 30 December, 16:00.

Winning numbers for Christmas Raffle

PLEASE COME BACK BETWEEN 16/17 PM on 30 dec 2016!

Results of "Lotto" Raffle will be available on this site in the shortest possible time after the Draw. To be sure check your ticket with a scanner available in Retailer. Throw away ticket only if you are sure you didn't win.

Ithuba Christmas Raffle 2016 results:

We are waiting for the draw!

Christmas Raffle - How to play? (update 12.12.2016)

Raffle rules and regulations document issued by Ithuba operator gives us more information about annual Raffle.

  • If you win the first prize - jackpot, you can't remain anonymous. Winner will be required to take part in publicity campaigns for broadcast or publishing purposes by ITHUBA which is lottery operator in South Africa.
  • Prizes can be delivered only to verified prize winners who possess valid ticket.
  • RAFFLE Tickets may also be made available online or at any other self-service platform open for Ticket sales as may be advised by ITHUBA. It may happen from time to time. In the year 2016, we do not have information about online sales.
  • Lottery system generates a unique Raffle Ticket number for each Ticket bought. Tickets will be issued in a sequential order. Number of tickets is limited.
  • Operator reserves the right to substitute the Prize with any other Prize of comparable or greater commercial value for whatever reason.
  • All Prizes are fixed so you do not share them with other winners.

Short video with instructions "How to play" made by Ithuba, preserving all rights: