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Honest lottery clerk gives back the lost ticket worth millions

Published: Monday, April 8, 2019

What is the probability of meeting a truly honest man? Is this value equal to the chance of winning the lottery ? Maybe it's a bit cynical approach to the topic, but in these are the times we live in. Behaviors that once were typical for every man, now are extraordinary.

It seems that in one of the small American stores these values ??are still present! Not only people win here, but the seller is widely respected for his honesty. If you accidentally throw away the winning ticket, he will take it out of the litter and make sure you have not lost your millions.

The owner is called Yogi and together with his wife Vilsa they run a shop between the bank and the car park belonging to the railway station. Thanks to their location, they have many clients, including those who like to play lottery games or scratch cards. Some appear regularly, even every day. One of such clients appears once in a while and buys various scratch cards and lottery bet slips worth even 300 USD. We do not know his name, but Yogi, like other important clients, knows him personally. For the purposes of the article, let's call him John.

According to his habits, John appeared on the 19th of March in the store to buy lots of scratch cards. It was already close to closing time of the store. He sat with a pile of scratchcards and scratched them in turn, then passing them to Vilsa, who checked if he won something - he could also verify it by looking at the screen. When he finished his ritual scratching, he took insignificant payoffs from the desk and threw away a whole pile of empty (as he thought) coupons into the trash. Yogi appeared in the store in the evening to check the list of transactions and withdrawals. Then he made an amazing discovery. It turned out that the coupon worth over 1.375 million dollars was scanned, but the win was not claimed. The owner then remembered that his wife was telling him about the visit of John, who traditionally bought a ton of scratchcards that day. At that time he was almost sure that it must have been him - after all, no one plays scratch cards that cost as much as $ 20 one.

Yogi decided to dive into the trash can. Of course, he found a lost scratch card and managed, with the help of his son to locate the owner of the coupon to call him immediately to the office. When he arrived, he gave him a coupon with the text that he won millions. John could not believe it. He was extremely grateful to the seller for his honesty - he could take the coupon and no one would ever know about great jackpot win. In addition, the honest Yogi helped him complete the paperwork involved in declaring the winnings from the lottery authorities.

When asked why he gave the coupon he says he does not want somebody's money, it would be theft. His shop is visited by many people and many wins. It has become a very popular place. Thanks to his behavior, he has retained another valuable and satisfied customer who is still playing there.