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Movie about big lottery El Gordo win in Spain

Published: Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The movie will be based on the events that happened in Spain in 2011, wherein a small town all residents except one person shared a prize of 120,000,000 euros. He did not join group play, and lost.

Director Will Gluck (known from the movie "Annie") collaborated with the Walt Disney studio to create a movie telling a remarkable story about winning the lottery in Spain. Initially, the film was written for the main character of the man and was planned to be called "Lucky Guy". At present, the new idea emerged that the main character will be a woman. The plot will present a person who has experienced unbelievable bad luck while all the inhabitants of her city won the main prize in the lottery, and she did not take part in the game. Ultimately, it will turn out that she will be the only person who will survive the following events after the big win. What will happen in the film? Will this story confirm that big money does not always mean happiness? Or maybe a small town will exist no more when the winners just make a new life out of it. Will it be a movie about Lotto worth watching, it will turn out after rewriting the script and production.

El Gordo, Lotto's equivalent, changed their lives

Funny thing - this story really happened. The whole town, actually a village with about 250 inhabitants, won the lottery. With the exception of one man. Costis Mitsotaki did not purchase a coupon. He appeared in the village because of his beloved and he stayed here so. It would be very nice for him if he won, unfortunately, he did not have a ticket. However, there is nothing wrong with it that would not work out. For a long time he tried to sell the land with no effect, but when the inhabitants got rich, instantly he got interesting offers. It happened on the second day after a win.

Samuel found out about the victory when he was driving his tractor, he immediately went to the city center to listen to the news, but only a few phones made him assure that it is not a dream. Sandra was also shocked, she wrote on Facebook "We won this year!". The draw was held for Christmas in the annual national El Gordo lottery. When there are draws almost the whole country stops. Group of villagers bought a coupon in a group and won their share of about 100,000 euros up to 1 million euros. All of them but one person ... In fact, Costis was omitted because he lived on the outskirts of the village. Village officials who were organizing the ticket sale did not make it to the outskirts! Horrible bad luck. What's more, Cortis was not a big fan of the lottery. Probably if he planned to buy a coupon and did not do it, then he would be angry with himself. Nevertheless, he was happy for the people who won. The whole village literally went crazy, and he decided to record it and make a document called "When Touched."

Many people after winning announcement started to search in panic for their coupons, every each was worth 100 thousand euros. And some villagers bought them ten! The tickets had numbers from the Christmas lottery draw. These numbers were assigned to the group that sold them. Here we need to say a bit about the rules. Draws take place every year on December 22. And the number of the coupon with five digits is drawn. There are a lot of winnings too, so not only one coupon worth 'jackpot' wins, but also those with minor amounts. Residents of Soredo, however, hit the highest possible win.