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National Lottery stays operational during covid-19 pandemic

Published: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Ithuba has announced how the organization will work under pandemic pressure in South Africa.

UPDATE 28.05.2020: National Lottery announced that all retail shops should stop ticket sales and coupon validation. All customers should use online sales system.

Ithuba and we - the players are very aware of the global problem and should take all possible precautions that can stop spreading the coronavirus. The virus outbreak will be devastating to the global and South African economies. Ithuba decided to not halt the lottery games during the pandemic.

National Lottery will try to do the best to protect employees. They placed a travel ban on all international and domestic travel for their employees. They also implemented a remote work from home policy for all employees where possible. Offices were equipped with hand sanitizers.

National Lottery in South Africa will continue providing citizens with lottery products like Lotto , Powerball and Daily Lotto where possible. However, it is strongly advised to implement social distancing in lotto retail shops to save the health of the players and staff.

Lottery products in South Africa are available online during coronavirus pandemic. Players can use the www site, mobile app, and other channels to do that.