Two lucky players claim the SA biggest 2017 jackpots - Powerball & Lotto

Sunday 25 June, 2017

south african jackpot winner

May was pretty hot for National Lottery players. We had some long no see high jackpots in both, most popular games - Powerball Plus and Lotto.

These jackpots are the biggest from KwaZulu-Natal region. Two men who won, claimed their winnings before 25th may, as we read on oficial Ithuba site. Players from Durban won R58.7 million and R34.4 million respectively.

First man was a traveller to Durban. He bought a ticket from Ladysmith. He was very exciting when cheched the results of the game. He became millionaire just like this! The numbers he used to play were selected randomly by him. 50 year old man bought R30 worth tickets and won life changing money. He is goinfg to invest this money tohaveslow and happy retirement. For now he will be working as usual.

The second winner isfrom Umlazi, is about 30 years old. Since he is unemployed, great luck from winning Lotto jackpot almost saved his life. He bought R60 worth tickets at Spar in Umlazi an won unimaginable R34.4 million. He said it's for investing, mainly in property. He has plans tohelp the family, for example buying a house for parents. Also startinga business is a must tohave clear futureand to notsuffer poverty again. Of course some of the money will be spend on luxuries as traveling.

Biggest ever jackpots in National Lottery

What's very interesting, the highest jackpot that happened in South Africa (in Powerball game) was never collectedby anyone. The record was announced on 3rd June, 2011. The amount to pay out - astounding R 102,016,595.00. Why it was never collected? Maybe the owner lost the ticket and will never know hom much money he or she could have. Probably this mystery can't be solved.

1. R102,016,595 - PowerBall on 2011-06-03 - Not claimed
2. R91,068,427 - PowerBall on 2010-02-12
3. R69,542,295 - PowerBall on 2010-07-13
4. R64,547,102 - PowerBall on 2010-10-12
5. R62,996,195 - PowerBall on 2016-09-18

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