Winning numbers:

4 4 7

Draw information:
Draw Number: 0452
Draw Machine: None (RNG)
Total prize pool: R70,389
Total sales: R135,553
Total players win: 333

Do I win on 03-mar-2018?

If you played Straight, you win if you have 4, 4, 7 in this order on your coupon.
If Front pair played, you win with 4, 4, X, where X can be any number.
If Split pair played, you win with 4, X, 7.
If Back pair played, you win with X, 4, 7.
If you played 3-Way mix, you win when you have one of these coupons: 4, 4, 7 OR 4, 4, 7 OR 4, 7, 4

pick3 dividends 03 March 2018 (Saturday 03.03.2018)

Pick 3 Prize Payouts:

3-Way Mix167
6-Way Mix0
Front Pair29
Back Pair35
Split Pair26

For PICK3 draw numbers at 03.03.2018, 76 players won Jackpot prize for Straight option. Prize pool vary depending on bets sizings. 333 people won prizes that day. Nobody, who played 6-way have won anything. Average winning prize per player was R211.37837837838

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