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He thought he won 50 Million Rands!

Published: Wednesday, May 2, 2018

We do not wish this strange situation happen to any one of you, players. What would you do if you thought in one moment that your life changed completely due to the big Lotto win, and after a while, it would turn out that it is not true?! A man who found a victorious lottery ticket had to face such a plot twist.

It is a substantial sum of jackpot: 50,000,000 Rands that was to be won that day in Poland, Europe. The ticket came to the family living in Katowice in a strange way, maybe it was a stupid joke? The woman found a newspaper in the park and brought it home, after which her daughter found Lotto ticket inside. After checking the numbers, it turned out that these are the winning lottery numbers. At the Lotto retailer, it turned out that the coupon does not work, so it is probably fake. Who committed such a macabre joke, or was someone hoping to win with a fake coupon? In the lottery office, it was confirmed that the coupon is not authentic, and the police in Katowice will take care of this case.

Can the Lottery ticket be easily forged?

Although it looks quite simple, the coupon is secured by a barcode, printed by a machine during the purchase. So there is no way to cheat a machine that checks its authenticity by comparing the code with that in the lottery IT system database. However, as it turned out, preparing a fake numbers ticket can easily deceive the human eye and cause damage both in the psyche and money when you believe in winning the lottery.

Threats from bragging

The situation is hard when you think that you won and tell about it to everyone you know. Usually, such a surge of cash causes that we arrange a huge, well-pledged party and invite everyone, very often taking a loan before claiming the prize. The history of the people who won at Lotto has repeatedly shown that even when really winning, it is not worth it to go crazy spending money. It is worth thinking over for a moment and planning any expenses only after completing the formalities with the lottery office. Why expose yourself to the big problems? However, it is known - the most difficult is to stop the joy and excitement that finally causes such a series of events, that can have unpleasant consequences in the rapid loss of all won assets.

The main thing - self-control and caution

Although the big win will meet only a few of us, remember about peace and quiet behavior. Do not share this information with anyone other than your nearest partner. There will be time to spend money and plan the future expenses. It is worth to cool down and invest in a prosperous life. Because even a small Lotto win can set you a nice life when you wisely play it out!