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How to claim lottery winnings in South Africa?

Published: Friday, October 30, 2020

Do you know how to claim Lotto or Powerball winnings? This tutorial will clear this out for you.

Cash winnings up to R50 may be claimed at any lottery retailer. All retailers should pay up to R2,000 in cash. If this is not possible, please proceed to the next one.

Prize winnings between R2,001 and R49,999 may only be claimed at an authorized Prize Payment Centre. You can ask for the address at any retailer or lottery helpline. If you won more than R50,000 you need to fill the claim form.

Prices of R50,000 and greater can only be claimed in person at a National Lottery Office.

To claim a lottery winnings your ticket must be validated. The lottery ticket is the only real proof of winning the prize. National Lottery can refuse the winning payment if the ticket was paid previously, or the ticket was altered, incomplete, tampered or unreadable.

There is a possibility to claim the lottery price by posting the winning ticket together with a complete claim form to the National Lottery Office. The address is shown on the claim form. Do it only at your risk and remember to include the required documents.

How much time do lottery player has to claim winning ticket?

Each prize in National Lottery must be claimed within 365 days from the date of draw. For the Eaziwin games, the prize must be claimed no later than 23 hours on the 365th day after the date of purchase of a particular game. Prizes must be claimed during working hours of the business authorized to pay National Lottery prizes.