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Justpick combinations K of N, where K = N = (max: 1000)

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use random grain from Random.org instead MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM
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How does Lottery number generator works?

By using this form you can generate lottery tickets for different lotteries. The mechanism is based on a cryptographic generator ISAAC (strong generator written in php). It is known that generators commonly found on other lottery sites (based, for example on the random function - php or javascript) are not suitable for lottery games because they are not initiated by random grain sufficiently (using eg. the system clock). Generator, which is used on this page is a pseudo ISAAC, with random grain size of 1,024 bytes downloaded from server system data noise using MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM, implemented in php.

What this basically means is that other generators can't predict some number combinations. And if you play lottery you want to have a chance. The chance is bigger when your generator can output every possible combination. For example in Lotto there is about 14 000 000 possible tickets to generate. Our number generator can output every od this - randomly. But generator you will find on other lottery sites are not capable of this. Imagine the generate for example only 97% of all combinations. This means they you may not win because program coldn't "imagine" winning numbers!

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