South Africa Powerball results

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Powerball results - 13.07.2018

13 14 34 38 45 11
Estimated jackpot for next - 17.07.2018 is R80,000,000
Powerball results - 10.07.2018

01 31 34 38 46 12
Powerball results - 06.07.2018

08 16 19 35 39 11
Powerball results - 03.07.2018

03 38 48 49 50 18
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How to play SA Powerball

Playing Powerball is quite easy, all you need is 5 numbers and additional number called Power Ball. Try to predict results that will be selected in the draw to win the jackpot. How to buy your ticket?

  • You need a Powerball betslip, that can be found with the nearest national lottery retailer.
  • Using pen or a pencil choose 5 numbers from 1 to 50.
  • Choose extra number from 1 to 20. That is your Powerball (PB).
  • Make payment for the ticket - at R5 cost per board.
  • You will get a ticket with your numbers, please sign it at the back. You can make a photo of it as a proof.
  • Check Powerball winning numbers on this site, and don't throw away a ticket! Always check numbers from different sources as newspaper or TV. Optional Powerball Plus results to find here.

Powerball prizes and odds

Prizes are different very draw. They depend on it if the jackpot was hit and number of winning players overall. It depends also on ticket sales amount. There are two payout divisions fixed - when you hit results as 0/5 or 1/5 both with Power Ball. If somebody hit the jackpot matching all numbers, the share of the prize pool is similar to shown below in the table. In other cases it may change slightly. Notice that this lottery game has bigger pool designed especially for 1st tier prize.

Matched numbersShare of prize poolOdds of winning
5 correct + PB54.46%1 in 42,375,200
54.00%1 in 2,230,274
4/5 + PB2.50%1 in 188,334
4/54.24%1 in 9,912
3/5 + PB4.80%1 in 4,280
3/54.00%1 in 225
2/5 + PB3.00%1 in 299
1/5 + PBfixed R 151 in 57
0/5 + PBfixed R 101 in 35

All Jackpot prizes are rounded to nearest R1. You can win once per every entry filled with correct results of Powerball. Other payouts are rounded to nearest 10 cents. Remember that exact expected jackpot rollover may be uknown up to the date of the draw. Also have in mind that winning Powerball is much harder than Lotto. Don't spend all your money on lottery tickets! Check in for South African Powerball results few minutes after the draw every tuesday and friday.

How Powerball prizes are paid out?

Smaller cash prizes can be withdrawn to your bank using official online wallet on if you played through internet. Bigger prizes or jackpot must be claimed in one of the Ithuba regional or main offices. Always remember to get your winning ticket and ID. You must be 18 years old to claim the prize.

Powerball winnigs can be split between few players who matched correctly all numbers. In this case every person gets same share of the prize.

Where and when to watch Powerball draw?

Watch the draw every tuesday and friday in the TV on Etv channel, the show starts 21:00. Replay of the draw is possible to watch online on youtube channel: . Ticket sales close 30 minutes before the draw.

Powerball jackpots and rollovers

Similar to other lottery games there is a mechanism called rollover for not claimed jackpots. Main prize grows as long as no one matches the 5/5 numbers and of course - additional number Power Ball (PB). Pool for 1 prize division is rolled over to the next Draw's corresponding division. Powerball became famouse because of the giant jackpot rollovers. These are expected in more cases too, which are pointed below:

  1. If there are no winners in division 2-8 then the pool rolls down to the lower division, e.g. division 4 to division 5.
  2. If there are no winners in division 8 (but they always are) then the pool rolls over to division 1 of the next draw.
  3. Breakage from any PB division rollover to the same division next draw.

How big can be the jackpot?

The minimal jackpot is R3 million and there is no limitation of rollovers. To date, the biggest one was on June 3rd, 2011 with the amount of R102,016,595.

History of South African Powerball

Powerball is with African players since October 2009. South African players are really keen of this type of a game. Payout pools are larger, more divisions (9) and fun. Even if you match only PB number you win something. Over the years it made many Africans millionaires. Prize pool may never reach amounts seen in European lotteries or American ones, but still they are enough for our country realities. On the first draw on 23.10.2009 somebody won R30,000,000! Then jackpot got rolled many times to be hit on 12.02.2010 with outstanding prize of R 91,068,427 which is the record till now. In June 2018, number of drawn balls was changed from 45 to 50.

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