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Graphical map results

Graphical representation of drawn numbers for South African lottery games. Check how this can be helpful predicting Lotto numbers! Works for every game including Pick 3.

Number statistics

Four different kinds of statistics - hot, cold numbers and odd and even and sums. Check which numbers tend to be drawn more or less often.

Sportstake 13 - Betting random generator

Sometimes you have no idea with what result specific match will end. However, you can use randomly selected results for every fixture you are interested in. Remember that sports results often are affected by non-sport causes.

Check your ticket online

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Do you play the same numbers every time? Store them here and check fast every draw. Tool for fast checking your tickets. Save your numbers for further use under the unique link you can use whenever you wish to see if you won.

Winnings statistics
Lotto Systems generator
Which numbers like to be drawn together?