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Results of the National Lottery Christmas Raffle - 2018

Saturday 20 October, 2018

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Raffle Results will be ready to check 29th December after 21:00!

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This year's edition of the lotto raffle is named "Home Sweet Home" because players can win one of the six houses as the main prize! Additionally, there is an R500,000 cash prize pool. Last year we could win cars and the year before only cash prizes. This year six people will be reacher by a brand new house.

6 main prize winners are:
  • 0059855
  • 0189399
  • 0272105
  • 0288756
  • 0454478
  • 0478314
50 Tickets winning R10.000:

0031697, 0048159, 0053054, 0077301, 0079335, 0079626, 0094607, 0097499, 0097548, 0100192, 0116717, 0119764, 0119807, 0134643, 0142605, 0144420, 0144974, 0153349, 0161656, 0183090, 0189408, 0197421, 0209085, 0221882, 0225788, 0240193, 0242260, 0251612, 0266715, 0271645, 0293703, 0299876, 0313733, 0314029, 0332796, 0353999, 0367322, 0375851, 0380970, 0389972, 0394974, 0400095, 0418978, 0424269, 0430971, 0443490, 0449249, 0490311, 0493851, 0499470

Raffle tickets sales open date: 21 October 2018.

Raffle tickets sales close date: 29 December 2018, at 8:00 PM.

Lotto Raffle 2018 results draw date is 29 December 2018, at 8:30 PM.

On the 29 December in the evening we will know who won the raffle. Raffle results will be published within an hour after the successful draw. We will publish raffle numbers and winning tickets. Also automated tool for checking large number of tickets will be presented. Raffle results will consist of series of 7 digit numbers representing winning tickets. As a result tehre will be 6 main prize winners and much more of smaller prizes.

Lotto Raffle prizes

There are exactly 500,000 tickets to be sold during the raffle sales. One ticket prize is R50 and the wholesale value is R25 million. Payout to players will be 50% of the total sales which is exactly R12,5 million. 48% of the prize pool is dedicated for main prizes which are the six houses. %2 of the prize pool is designated for lower payouts as described in the table below.

PrizeHow manyOdds
House (R2,000,000)61 in 83,333
R10,000501 in 10,000

How to play?

- Buy the ticket at R50 prize at the official Lottery retailer or website, other channels like RA Cellular and A2Pay available.
- The ticket number is generated by a random generator automatically.
- You can buy multiple tickets.
- Keep the signed ticket and check the raffle results on 29 December 2018.
- Prizes between R2,000 and R50,000 can be collected at your Post Office.

Raffle Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Raffle results?
- Results are to be published on 29 December about one hour after the draw. Results will be chosen by random number generator RNG and will look like a series of 7 digit numbers that represents sold tickets. Every ticket has its own unique number. Compare the number on your ticket with published results to check if you have won the raffle.

Is Raffle a regular lottery?
- It is not. It is only conducted during special occasions like Christmas or Easter. Also, prizes are guaranteed and the only way to play is random number selection. Every ticket will have its own number between 1 and 500,000 (number of tickets). This number can be exceeded if some sales are canceled by participants.

What is the buying tickets limit?
- Ithuba believes in responsible gaming so the maximum entry for one person is R10,000 including VAT. It is equivalent to 200 tickets.

How my ticket number is chosen?
- Ticket numbers are assigned to players in descending order. You can't choose your own number.

How Raffle winning numbers are selected?
- RNG - Random Number Generator is responsible for drawing winning tickets. The system is computeriszed and select winners from all sold tickets.

Raffle ticket cancelation
- Ticket can be canceled within 2 hours after purchase. Return the ticket to the seller within 2 hours, which do not exceed draw time. If the terminal cannot read the ticket call the helpline within 2 hours. Tickets purchased online cannot be canceled!

How to claim the prize?
- You can only win one prize with one Christmas Raffle ticket. Prizes can be in the form of cash or tangible asset. Prizes are rounded to nearest R1.
- Winners have a claim period of 365 days from the date of the draw od Raffle game.
- The prize of R2,000,000 will be deposited directly into the winner's bank account after attendance of the winner's ceremony.

Privacy Policy
- All Jackpot winners are required to participate in a public event of claiming prizes, called winner's ceremony.
- If you buy a ticket, you accept the Home-Sweet-Home Raffle regulations.

Christmas raffles around the world

Spanish christmas raffle called Loteria de Navidad is the most famous raffle. It is the biggest lottery event each year. In 2018 prizes will reach € 2.38 billion. Jackpot prizes are worth around €680 million. The chance of winning anything is 1 in 6.5. Basically, it is easy to win and prizes are very generous like it should be during the Christmas.

Loteria de Navidad has a long history. First raffle draw took place on 18th December 1812. The name "Christmas Draw" was used in 1892 for the first time. All raffles organized around the world are base on this very first christmas lottery. Only prizes are usually smaller.