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Anonymous winners of the lotteries

Published: Monday, March 26, 2018

As you know in South Africa, it's pointless to look for people who have won something bigger in a Lotto or Powerball game. This is due to the fact that the office of lotteries does not require their players to show faces and to give names to the public. How does this case look in countries? What are the risks for players faces publications and do we agree for such requirements?

Most often we can see the faces of the players in North America - both in the USA and Canada. Therefore, we will quote a story related to this region. For example, in the Canadian Lotto Max, every buyer of lottery ticket automatically, in accordance with the regulations, agrees to the publication of his/her photo with a full name. This is a not imaginable situation to transfer to the South African realities. Who of us would agree to something like that? At the same time, the SA people are complaining that they do not know anyone who won. You cannot have a cookie and eat the cookie. Or maybe these people do not want to show everyone they've won? There was a loud story about the man from a small town, which was targeted by journalists, which made his life uncomfortable for him after the big lottery win.

There was information on the internet about a player from Canada who had not received his Lotto Max prize for a year because he did not agree to the publication of the photo of himself. When he appeared at the lotto office, after receiving the money, he was expected to stand to the photo with a big check. He decided to hire a lawyer and fight for anonymity in court. However, on the back of each coupon of the mentioned lottery, it is clearly specified that the player agrees to the publication of the image and name. What will be the finale of this case?

Another player who received the $5 million prize in 6/49 also had doubts, but rules are the rules. Without accepting them he couldn't get the money quickly. Daniel Senger from Grand Forks was just very concerned about how many people would start chasing him to bite something for themselves from his huge lottery prize. He lived in a very quiet area and it made things worse, everyone knew him. Amazingly, it was not that bad. He only got a few letters with money requests. After he bought some material goods, he distributed money to his children, grandchildren, and siblings, and continued to live in retirement. However, there is one important reason here. In America, you can have a weapon for self-defense. According to his statement from the Internet, it appears that he intended to defend himself with the help of his Magnum pistol and people knew it.

Lotteries in the West have such procedures just to ensure full transparency and no one has negated the payment of money. Therefore, the player we mentioned at the beginning of the article finally did not receive $ 50 million because he did not agree to the publication of the photo with a name. The withdrawal is suspended and there is no time limit to complete the necessary steps to receive it. It happened that the lottery organizer agreed to the winning anonymity, but these are a few cases. However, there are states in the USA that allow full anonymity - South Carolina, Delaware, Ohio, Kansas, North Dakota, Maryland. In Europe, in the very well known Euromillions, you can also remain anonymous.