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Prepare for tonight's biggest Powerball jackpot ever! R140 million is waiting for lucky player

Published: Friday, August 3, 2018

Are you ready for the biggest Powerball jackpot in the history of National Lottery ? Nobody has won the R125 million jackpot on Tuesday, 31 July and as the effect today somebody can win even more money. All you need to do is get one ticket and have much luck during tonight's show.

On Tuesday night there was one winning ticket for Powerball Plus though. One player won the prize of R5.5 million - congratulations! The ticket was bought at KwikSpar in Heidelberg. Player decided to play with multiple tickets that cost R30. He used a quick pick method for selecting his or her numbers. This is a very popular method for lottery numbers selection and statistics show that this method works the most.

The Friday 03.08.2018 Powerball results will be published as soon as possible on our site.

If you want to buy your ticket try to do it before it is too late. It is good to do it now to avoid queues in the retailer shops. Remember to always play responsibly with money you can lose. There is no magic technique to predict Powerball numbers so don't get crazy with a shopping spree!