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What R16 million Powerball Plus winner says?

Published: Monday, July 30, 2018

First of all, congratulations to the Powerball Plus winner who won R16 million jackpot on 13 July 2018. The player who won is a 47-year-old woman from Bontheuwel, Cape Town. She has a normal life but now after the win, she has an opportunity to be out of the poverty. She is a mother of three and also looks after her elderly mother. She found out she won on the night of the draw when watching TV, but back then she didn't know it is such a great money.

She was asked for a small interview with Ithuba, and what we know about her? For sure, she is a regular player. Whenever she plays, she watches the Powerball draw to check the numbers. However, on Friday 13th she asked her daughter to do so. Her child checked the numbers and told the mother she is the winner. Her answer was "Ok, I will check how much tomorrow at retailer store". Finally, she couldn't do it so her daughter went to retailer She called back to say that she is a millionaire now. The woman had to take a day off the work to secure the winning ticket.

Ithuba arranged a travel for a woman, in order to claim the prize. After taking money the woman came back to her old town because as she said, she always lived here in the shack and prayed for a better life. Now because of great luck, she will buy a house for her and older mother and also for their children. What is more, she can pay for their education. The whole world changed for them because of this win.

She is not coming back to work. She was working since was 16 years old, so now is time to rest. Some of the money will go to charity and some for investments.