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Guaranteed Powerball Plus Jackpot on Valentine's Day - R25 Million

Published: Friday, February 10, 2017

Ithuba can make from time to time guaranteed Jackpots if there are any unclaimed prizes. Because recently time passed to receive on the prizes, SA lottery decided to make Powerball Plus draw on 14 February with guaranteed pool for Jackpot equal to R25 Million!

Want to get piece of this Powerball Plus Jackpot cake? You will have to play regular Powerball game and add Powerball Plus for the additional R2.50 cost. (Powerball is R5.0, you can't play Plus without regular Powerball). So total cost for taking chance in this draw is as low as R7.50.

Historical SA Lottery guaranted jackpots

In the past, there were times when we had guaranteed jackpots in lottery games. "Guaranteed jackpot is known as a set value of the Jackpot which is guaranteed for the particular draw on a particular game. This term is provided by official page -

This type of jackpot was last seen on 14 December 2016. There was R20 million in the pool of Lotto Plus along with estimated Lotto R20 million. As official page clarifies estimated means - "value of the jackpot which is estimated based on tickets sold for the particular draw on a particular game".

An even bigger prize was waiting for players taking part in Lotto game on 25 October 2014. The guaranteed prize was R25 million. What's interesting on that day there was still 7 unclaimed jackpot prizes for a total of over R90 million! We hope that most of that had been claimed after all by happy winners, as we didn't see so many "fixed" jackpots after this date. Surely not for R90,000,000.

2017 South African Lottery Jackpots

The biggest 2017 prizes were so far:

Lotto - on 28th January with 1 prize of R 17,484,839
Lotto Plus - on 4th February with 1 prize of R 9,665,996
Powerball - on 20th January with 1 giant prize of R 35,166,667
Powerball Plus - on 24th January with 1 prize of R 14,111,887