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10 interesting facts about Lotto, you need to know!

Published: Monday, February 27, 2017

If you ever were troubled with questions as: is it possible that 80 people won Lotto Jackpot or wonder if there is a system to win Lotto, what test draws are and was lottery ever carried out without a lot of technology, this article will explain these. In addition, you will find other interesting fact related to the lottery games (Lotto, Powerball).

1. Draws without balls

The most popular lottery game in South Africa, which is the Lotto goes back to its tradition to 1950's (world appearance). Probably senior players in Europe remember the first names name which was not "Lotto". What's more, the old name is still used as the word that came into common usage eg. Toto-Lotto (in Poland).

These days numbers were chosen by hand. A person pulled bet slips from the special machine. The idea of the balls for the draw appeared in early 1970's and has been in use up today, with the exception of Keno, which numbers are drawn by number generator based on quantum optics (a physical mechanism to ensure randomness).

It is also worth mentioning that the first bet slips were bands and were double to make it possible to verify the authenticity. After the bet was made, all the bet slips had to be transported to central lottery office. verification of the results and winnings was also made - in the process of searching thousands of coupons.

2. Trial drawings

Few people realize that the drawings transmitted officially in the studio Ithuba Lotto and the results appearing later in official databases are not the only ones carried out. Before each Lotto "show", you need to check the correct operation of all systems and components for the draw. Therefore, trial draws are held.

This is required to avoid any mishaps that have occurred in the history of lottery games. Some can wonder whether it has any effect on the results of the draws. On the one hand, the process of drawing doesn't have a memory (and therefore the results of future events are not dependent on the previous), but on the other hand, we do not know the results of all the experiments (draws) carried out on the exact machine.

It happens that players think this lack of trial results can cause darkening characteristics of the machine (or draws). But others say that "defective" results have no effect - every draw is at the end of a process independent, and the inability to predict the result of such complex system as the draw is natural. (This leads to the fact that even the correct mathematical model of the machine cannot predict results due to the difficult estimation of initial conditions - we encourage you to familiarize yourself with chaos theory).

3. Does Lotto systems work?

No, and yes. There are two meanings of the system. One is when the player has thought of managing too many numbers he wishes to play with. Systems can be full - like those that can be purchased directly from the retailer, and come with one bet slip (in most countries). This system increases the probability of hitting a jackpot, but not for free! Either way, you pay the same ratio of commission.

For systems offered on the Internet, free of charge or not, remember the basic principle. The system does not guarantee winnings, because among the chosen numbers you have to hit many of them. What is the point of system play, if we are not sure that we will get, for example, 6 out of 12 numbers?

Another system is the magic "way" for winning. If someone says he has a system for the Lotto or Powerball ar any game, this is usually idle talk. So far, the world has not verified a single person who would win using some kind of secret way. Besides, such a person probably would never tell. Sometimes people win twice or even more but this is a coincidence.

4. People are winning less

We will not inquire whether this statement is true. A lot of players say so for years, so we trust their judgment. We will just tell you why this is happening? The main complaint playing Lotto is that the draw is manipulated because fewer players hit. This would be associated with the currently existing technology at a much higher level than before.

Conspiracy theories have no end - eg. some say balls that are to be drawn are lighter or balls are coated with magnetic paint and pulled by the electromagnet, the vision system, which distinguishes between balls and draws what it wants... Most these people skip the aspect of whether it makes sense to cheat players when Ithuba earns so many without cheating (with the same rules of the game).

The reason for winning less seems to be prosaic. The prices increase. Most players sensibly manage the money for gambling and can't afford too much Lotto bet slips.

5. 80 winners of 30 March 1994

That was a fateful day in the Big Lotto in the country in central Europe. 80 players won first prize. This was due to the fact that a set of numbers drawn has created an interesting pattern on bet slip - which people tend to bet. Numbers drawn were 11, 16, 23, 30, 35, 41. They form the "envelope" shape on the bet slip.

80 people who bet this interesting shape split the jackpot. The amount that they wan probably was not very comforting.

6. Lottery games integrity

If you follow the eTV you can see committee controlling integrity during the draw. Around the world, lotteries stopped to show these people. Their are present but hidden behind the camera. Often regulations do not allow it any other way, but without them, the draw will not take place.

7. Defective balls

Many years ago in Poland, when the Multi Lotto (Keno like 20/80) entered the market, players got quite a gift. Of course, it happened accidentally - 10 of 80 balls had a different diameter which caused appearing in results with another frequency. The most experienced players realized some numbers do not appear and didn't bet on these numbers. When it turned out that this issue exists, defective equipment was withdrawn. As they say, the players of those years the probability of 70 balls was then little more > 1/4, and these defective about < 1/8.

8. Different sets of balls and machines

For the purposes of draws, Ithuba has several sets of equipment. We don't know, but these are used probably randomly. Balls are quite light and the size of ping-pong should be touched with gloves when inserted into the machine. In South Africa, you know before the draw on which machine is going to be used. The same is true with balls.

But this is not common over the world! Because of that many players think that predicting numbers is not possible. They argue that in this way the statistics are obscured because every set has different characteristics. You can not argue with that, but does know about sets being used changes anything? There is no evidence of this.

9. Problems during the draw

It is quite a funny situation, which took place sometime during the drawing of a very old game in Europe. There has been a mechanical failure and it dropped out the balls. Apart from the absurdity of this fact, the reaction of the presenter was hilarious. Video of this situation: .

10. Selecting winning numbers is like looking for a needle in a haystack

And in addition, the choice from the 13 983 816 needles located in the stack. So many combinations are possible in Lotto. Good luck with finding the correct one!