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How to multiply your lottery win - story from Michigan, US

Published: Wednesday, March 21, 2018

There are many lottery products in the world whose daily results can be observed with the hope of improving somebody's financial condition. Michigan's Mega Millions Lottery is one of those that has a lot of winnings and even partial hits (four balls for example) can give millions of winnings in US dollars.

This is quite an old story of a man from Milford who, as most of us do, got into the nearby store for a while to buy a lottery ticket. His numbers proved to be accurate almost fully with those drawn in Mega Millions, and he won 5 million dollars. It was in 2015. The reason he won so much is that he chose an option named similar to South African "PLUS" in Lotto , but as a multiplier without the need to hit an additional number or making additional draws. He paid more for the coupon, but he also won 5 times more (instead of one million dollars). He would enjoy $ 25 million if he had hit the Mega Ball (additional number).

Despite this, the man was satisfied with the winning amount. Before claiming the prize, he met with a financial advisor, which was a very wise decision. He intended to invest in both himself and his future retirement. At the same time, he stated that he wanted to live with his wife as before, but the money will be very helpful from time to time for additional expenses.

David Kalanik, because that's what a Michigan lucky lottery player is called, could not believe his winnings when he looked through the coupon after the announcement. It was a morning after the day of the draw. He had to ask his wife to check if he was right. When it turned out that they actually won, they were very surprised. As he said (according to the head of the Mega Millions lottery), he does not play this game often, but when he does, he always chooses the option of multiplying the winnings. His coupon cost $ 20 and he paid for 10 bets. He hit 5 of 6 numbers...