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How to play "Lottery Turns 18 Competition"?

Published: Thursday, March 29, 2018

The new competition is being run and administered by Ithuba Holdings.

The game is open for every South African citizen over the age of 18. This promotion is hosted by Metro FM and will run every weekday: 2 April 2018 to 25 April 2018.

How to take part in "Lottery Turns 18" raffle?

To win, you have to win a game between two players on-air, called competition.
  • To get a chance to play you have to enter the every weekday raffle.
  • You can enter the raffle/selection of player by sending SMS.
  • Entries will be open from 28 March 2018 to 24 April 14:00.

To participate in the "Lottery Turns 18" you must send:
  • SMS "freedom to phanda" + name and ID number to nr. 33033
  • SMS cost is R 1.50 per entry. Only real phones apply.


The total prize pool of the promotion is 1.8 million Rand. Players can win a share of this prize playing competition on-air.
  • Prizes are divided into R 100,000 cash prizes to win every day of the promotion.
  • Each daily prize can be won by a single player or both players. If two players win they split the prize getting R 50,000 each. If one player wins, he gets one hundred thousand rand.
  • Metro FM will advise winning players every day.

Selection of competition participants

Sending SMS is first step to be selected to play in a game.
  • From the pool of sent text messages, two player will be selected every day.
  • Selection is going to be random.
  • Draw will be computerized, conducted at offices of Strike Media.
  • Draws will be audited.

If you were selected in the draw then:
  • As a participant you will be contacted by a representative within 7 hours of the draw to get game details.
  • Participant will be contacted with the phone number visible in sent text message. I you are unreachable for seven hours from first attemt to contact, you lose your chance, and another player will be selected.
  • You can't enter the competition if you have won a prize in SABC Radio within 3 months.
  • Player can be disqualified after the win announcement, if breaking the rules is detected.

Competition gameplay rules

The game consist of guessing the number another player has chosen. It is played head to head. Game with element of luck, numbers allowed are between 1 and 52 as in Lotto.

The dj running the game on-air has a sealed envelope. In this envelope is audited winning number for that day. Two players are contacted by the phone and are brought on-air to play the game. Now the dj can open the envelope, but can't reveal the winning number to participants. This number is between 1 and 52.

The clock is started and players have 60 seconds for asking the dj questions about the number, head to head, one question at the time. Each player can ask only two questions. After the clock stop dj asks players to guess the number. They are not allowed to pick the same number. The player with closer guess to winning number wins R 100,000. If both are wrong, and their guesses are equally near the winning number they split the prize winning R 50,000 each.