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Player thought he has won 75$ but the real amount was 75,000$!

Published: Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Winner in California Lotto has collected $ 75 winning amount in the Lotto retailer instead of a thousand times more! He probably did not even know that he had won more. Seller made a huge mistake on payment. The case has a double bottom.. and it is quite serious.

The player did not get his $ 75,000 by a mistake made by the seller operating the lotto machine. Let's start with a description of how this happened. A player in California wanted to check his coupon for potential payouts. He chose a Palmdale gas station for this purpose without checking the results before by himself. The person handling the payouts interpreted the data displayed on the screen wrong. That's why the player left with a poor 75 dollars. The cashier understood his mistake after a while, but could no longer find the rightful owner of the money. As explained by the station manager, the cashier, looking at the amount to be paid, looked only at the leading digits, ie "75" ignoring further zeros. What a small mistake and what the consequences, therefore. In the case when the player does not come for money (and he has 6 months for it), they will be returned to the lottery organizer. The owner of the restaurant felt very bad after this situation and wanted to give away the coupon to its owner. And his troubles were just about to begin.

As it turned out, the person claiming the coupon was an inspector, who had to check whether everything goes according to the rules and honesty of the sellers. In Africa, for example, there are rumors that substituted people check whether the sale of lotto products is not conducted for persons under 18 years of age. Coming back to this interesting story - this is how the gas station was subjected to the investigation - not a very lucky situation. The matter was cleared up because public opinion started looking for a lost player, and he simply did not exist. This story may end well if it is found that it was just a mistake, not a desire to steal someone else's coupon from the station cashier. The monitoring video shows that the situation lasted for only a few minutes on March 25 a few years ago, at the station on the Sierra Highway, and was not planned before with purpose.