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Lotto Raffle is back! SA Christmas Raffle 2017 results 30th December

Published: Friday, October 27, 2017
(Updated: 30.12.2017)


Raffle Results will be ready to check 30th December after 22:00!

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This year's special Ithuba Christmas lottery opens sales on 29th October. In two months period 25 players are going to win cars and other players many cash prizes! Last year ten people won Mercedes and what will thrill us this time?

South Africa Lotto Raffle prizes (2017):

During the Christmas time, 2017 you have a one more chance to win a car in the raffle! There are 25 cars - Mini Cooper Convertible prepared for players to win.

Other prizes are cash prizes totalling almost R6 million! Exact numbers considering winning pool will be presented soon (after 29.10) below - continue reading.

Christmas Raffle prizes in 2017:

PrizeHow manyOdds
F57 Mini Cooper Convertible251 in 60,000
R 10,0003001 in 5,000
R 2,50011501 in 1,304

Total pool is known already: in average 25 Mini cars are worth R9.125 million (one car is R365,000.00). Adding R5.875 million cash prizes it equals R15 million in sum. Probably ticket sales will bring R30 million to National Lottery . Taking this into account, all prizes will be worth around 50% of sales.

Total prize pool is presented in the table:

PrizeHow manyWorthTotal worth% of payout
Jackpot (MINI car)25R365,000R9,125,00060.80%
Mid division300R10,000R3,000,00020%
Low division1150R2,500R2,875,00019.20%

Prizes are fixed with no rollovers.

MINI Raffle tickets - what cost, where and when to buy?

The cost of the one ticket is R20. You can buy as many tickets as you want, but there will be limitations for a single visit at the retailer (not buying too many tickets per one person, per visit) and is equal to R10,000.

There is only 1,500,000 tickets available! If tickets are sold out, no more tickets will be issued.

Every ticket has the same chance to win. However, buying more tickets gets you more chances.

You have almost two months time to get your ticket. Sale will start on 29 October and will be open till 30th of December. On the last day, tickets will be available up to 8:30 PM. But remember, the tickets amount is limited and can be sold out sooner!

Tickets avaialble in every retailer and through online web wallet issued by Ithuba on .

The draw will happen on the last day of sales. Keep your ticket with printed numbers safe, you can sign it if you wish.

Lotto Christmas Raffle results

Winners are to be picked randomly. Every bought ticket has a unique 7 digit number printed on it. The number represents ascending buys. Results are picked by random number generator (RNG) in a safe and honest manner. Players cannot pick their own numbers. The number printed on the ticket can exceed 1,500,00 because of canceled tickets. However, the drawing pool stays over ONLY 1,5 million tickets.

Raffle draw will be conducted at 9:00 PM on 30 December.

If for any, not all tickets are sold by 30.12.2017 the draw may be postponed to a later date.

Raffle winning numbers:

Winning numbers will be presented on 30th December 2017 in the evening. We expect them at about 10:00 PM.

Special ticket checker will be here in this article and it will help you in bulk checking the numbers, also you can subscribe for email notifications about results if you wish.

Raffle regulations & players obligations

  • All first prize winners will be invited to participate in publicity. A participant may be required to take part in publicity campaign or publishing purposes by National Lottery. We remember that winners of previous raffles were introduced publicly on Facebook, Youtube and other mass media.
  • Further to the above, participants (winner and related family members) will not be entitled to any payment for this event. Also, travel and accommodation expenses for jackpot winners involved in the event will be paid by Ithuba.
  • If you play raffle you take responsibility for having or obtaining legal driver's license that is recognizable in South Africa. It is due to the fact jackpot prize is the car and it will be registered in the name of first prize winner.
  • First prize winners should claim their rewards within 30 days after the draw. If the prize is not collected at this time, there will be another 90 days waiting time. The player should obtain a prize within this time.
  • Players authorize Ithuba to collect, store and use (not share) personal information about participants for marketing etc.