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He gave his daughter $4 million worth lottery ticket for a birthday!

Published: Monday, November 13, 2017

October 6, 2014, was a very happy birthday day for a teenager from the USA. When she was busy with everyday things and preparings, she did not know that the ordinary lottery ticket she had almost forgotten about, is going to make her millionaire. She received it from her father as a gift.

This happened in Chicago, USA; a happy teenager we talk about is 19-year-old Deisi Ocampo, who rarely plays in the lottery. She doesn't believe it is possible to win. On the other hand, her father likes to play sometimes and gave her two coupons when celebrating Deisiss birthday. This lottery was actually a scratch card similar to those sold in South Africa. Its name is "100 Million Money Mania". It is organized in the United States of America by Illinois Lottery and can only be bought there.

Our young hero, when she scratched the first coupon did not feel any emotions, but when she finished the second one, she was shivering with emotion. She just won $ 4 million. This was about R58,2140,000. Rarely can you win so much money in Lotto in our country, and not to mention simple scratch cards.

Deisi immediately shared the news with her father, who was just shocked. Usually, the gift of a scratch card has a symbolic value. In this case, this gift may have caused the young girl to be able to plan a nice and prosperous life without renunciations. Big money did not mess with her mind and she continued to work at the clothing store because she believed she would be happy working hard.

The Ocampo's winnings are going to be spent on college fees and a new house for her father, mum, and siblings. Definitely, this was a birthday that will be remembered for the rest of her life.