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Who won the Powerball Jackpot on Tuesday, 5th June 2018?

Published: Friday, July 13, 2018

Powerball draw on June, 5th 2018 was very lucky for two players who won. There was a big jackpot to win - almost R27 million!. The one lucky guy is the father of 5 and is very happy to have a chance now to send children to university!

Only one of the players was happy to tell the lottery officials his story, other one declined to give the interview. The winner plays Powerball Plus and Lotto Plus, he always thought he would rather win Lotto. He waged R5 manually with his lucky numbers and won. He is spending about R350 every month for lottery games and R22.5 is the maximal amount he ever won till now.

He realized he is a millionaire when watching draw show on television. He was with his wife and son and told them no to tell anyone. Then he kept the ticket in the pocket to the day he could claim the prize in regional office.

He works as the security guard and this money will be very helpful for him and family. He would send children to university, build a house and donate the church.