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Woman from Cape Town won R58 Lotto Jackpot on 12th May!

Published: Monday, May 28, 2018

Do you ever wonder what would you feel if you had won the lottery? What about winnings outstanding amount of R 58,000,000 in National Lottery Lotto ? We have not seen such money for the long time to win in our country. 12th MAy was very lucky for one 50 year old lady, congratulations!

The woman is playing Powerball regularly, but when she saw a big jackpot announcement, decided to give it a try. And it worked out, however, she didn't notice she's a winner at first. Big jackpot estimation came to her in her dreams, she was daydreaming about what would she do with this kind of money. When having lunch with her husband, she convinced him to buy some tickets too. The, she forgot about it.

Next day was Mother's day celebration and her children were throwing a party. On her way to the party, she decides to enter the retail shop to check the Lotto ticket, just in case because she heard that one player hit correct numbers and won R58 million.

After inserting the ticket to the machine, it printed out a note "Please contact the National Lottery head office." After asking the retailer what it meant, she was instructed to go to the post office. At the party, she asked her son to check the numbers. He came back to her very quickly and asked her to write her id and sign the ticket as fast as possible because she had all 6 numbers correct. It was unbelievable for her.

She already has a fortunate life so the plan is to work 6 more months and then retire. Invest almost all money and live in prosperity.