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PICK3 RESULTS FOR 15 MARCH 2019 (FRIDAY 15.03.2019)

Winning numbers:

3 7 7

Draw information:
Draw Number: 828
Draw Machine: None (RNG)
Total prize pool: R4,005
Total sales: R7,966
Total players win: 15

Have I won on 15-mar-2019?

If you played Straight, you win if you have 3, 7, 7 in this order on your coupon.
If Front pair played, you win with 3, 7, X, where X can be any number.
If Split pair played, you win with 3, X, 7.
If Back pair played, you win with X, 7, 7.
If you played 3-Way mix, you win when you have one of these coupons: 3, 7, 7 OR 7, 3, 7 OR 3, 7, 7

pick3 dividends 15 March 2019 (Friday 15.03.2019)

Pick 3 Prize Payouts:

3-Way Mix5
6-Way Mix0
Front Pair10
Back Pair0
Split Pair0

Nobody won the Straight - R 10 000 for 15.03.2019. Prize pool varies depending on bets sizings. 15 people won prizes that day. Nobody, who played 6-way have won anything. Average winning prize per player was R267

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