South Africa Lotto and Powerball results APP


The form remembers the selected options after sending, you can refine it many times.

Fixture (1-2) (1X2) (1x/12/x2) Result

Generator updates the results of selected matches only.

Possible betting options

Generator has three basic options, for each match you can choose one of them:

  • 2-way 1-2, options are 1 OR 2
  • 3-way 1-x-2, options are 1 OR 2 OR X
  • cover bet (2from3 option of result 1x2 in FT:1x; x2; 12 )

How does it work?

The heart of this sports betting generator is RNG - random number generator (actually pseudorandom) based on cryptographically strong algorithm ISAAC. This is a unique solution, available only here, giving almost perfect random number distribution.

A perfect solution for South African SPORTSTAKE 13

We strongly recommend this generator for determining results of SA Ithuba fixtures list with which you can win a nice amount of money. If you are not sure about a result of a given match - try taking a random pick with this tool. Take predictions and put them on proper Bet Slip at your retailer. You may be also interested in Lotto and powerball number generator.

What's the point in using random fixture predictions?

The beauty of sport is its unpredictability of results. These surprising results, unfortunately, more and more often are influenced by non-sport aspects, such as corruption. Hence the idea to write this generator. It shows randomly distributed results within the range indicated by the player for each selected meeting. This is to help in situations when standard analysis fails (based on H2H, tables etc.), or even when your nose for sports betting fails.