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Can lottery winners be anonymous?

Published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The first thing you want to do if you don't know if a Lotto winner must be known from his or her name and surname, is to check the regulations and faq of the specific lottery.

Do you know any winner of the South African Lotto by Ithuba? Probably not, because there is no need to give away your details when you claim even the biggest prize. You can stay anonymous if you want. However, this is impossible in many other countries.

Raffle winners - can they be anonymous?

We already had Raffles three times in our country. What is interesting after the successful claims of the prizes we could acknowledge the winners. There were photos and names on official lottery fan page. When you look at the raffle regulations it is stated that participants agree to take part in the public celebration of the win.

Are USA lotto winners anonymous?

We should be happy we can stay anonymous. In the USA it is very popular to show the winners to the public with a full name. Actually, it is required to receive the prize. When you claim the prize lottery officials take the photo of you with the cheque with the full name. There are some cases when players were fighting in the court to stay anonymous but as long you need to accept the regulation before you play it is pointless.

Online lottery players anonimity

It can be a very interesting case when you play on the internet. There are many services providing ticket sales through the internet. Very often when players win they can't show their faces because they know this type of sale is illegal in their country. What is more sometimes they need other players from the country the prize originates in order to even claim it (it is forbidden by foreigners).

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