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How coronavirus pandemic affects the lottery and gambling industry?

Published: Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Today we want to focus on a very important topic nowadays - COVID-19 pandemic which halted many businesses around the world and Sout Africa itself. We will check the health of lotteries, casinos, and online gaming. Online gaming is not popular everywhere in the world, that is why the gambling industry is heavily hit by pandemic lockdown.

South Africa National Lottery during the lockdown

When the virus started to spread in South Africa Ithuba decided that the tickets sales will remain open. It was strongly advised to play online. Stationary players were advised to keep healthy measures - to use disinfection gels and to keep long distance to other customers or salesmen.

Unfortunately situation got worse and it was decided to halt all lottery sales in retail shops in South Africa. Still, citizens can play online by the mobile app or website.

USA Powerball lowers the jackpot due to decreasing ticket sales

The owners of the most popular American lottery called Powerball had to change the rules of calculating the jackpots. It was the must because sales were very small during the sars-cov2 pandemic outbreak in the USA. New rules of the jackpot calculation are based on the actual sales. Before, the minimal jackpot amount was guaranteed to the winner. For the first time in game history, there is no guarantee jackpot. Lottery head chef explains: "Since last week, more and more states and cities have been asking their residents to stay at home, which has affected normal consumer behavior and the sale of Powerball games. Interest rates have fallen in response to the public health crisis. As a result, additional game sales are required to fund comparable jackpot amounts in Powerball".

Connecticut Lottery needed to change its headquarters location

One of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation employees was tested positive for COVID-19. Because of that, the lottery head decided to move the headquarters location to a new, unknown place. The original place will be thoroughly cleaned before the corporation can come back. It is not the first moving in the history of this lottery. A long time ago in 1998, the headquarters was moved after the shooting in which the customer shot to death 4 workers and himself after all.

Gambling industry look forward to stimulating money promised by President Trump

Every commercial, ground-based gambling company in the United States is closed, with no deadline to return to the market. The American Gaming Association estimates that 650,000 employees involved in gaming have had their work interruptions and that gambling business can lose even $ 43.5 billion if it takes two months of closure.

As you can see, the US gambling industry is badly affected by the global coronavirus pandemic. This is extremely bad luck as the market is constantly growing and legalizing. The industry hopes that a decree signed by President Donald Trump to support American firms will help to survive the crisis.

The new legal act allowed the distribution of $ 2 trillion as a first-time cash injection among entrepreneurs. It can help with liquidity, bring relief in paying taxes during stagnation. The money will be given based on the statistics of the tax paid so far by the companies and based on the number of employees.

Gambling has vanished in Kenya

The situation in the gambling industry in Kenya is also tragic. Sales fell by 99% because the local players are not so keen on playing online or do not have such technical possibilities. Despite a large number of mobile phones, the internet is of very poor quality. What's more, Kenyans like to meet in the so-called "betting house" where they can make Lotto games or sports bets. Now that most football leagues have been canceled, the sports betting industry is literally dying in Kenya.

Philippines lottery closed in April

Filipinos are very die-hard Lotto players, just like the whole far east of our globe. However, for over a month they have not been able to play any games of the local PCSO lottery, a lottery organized by a government. The Philippines currently does not have an online gaming sales system, so the lottery sales have been completely ceased until further notice.

Lotto in Ireland funds health organization using money from unclaimed prizes

The Irish lottery has 16 million euros, which has never been paid out to players because they did not claim the winnings in regular time. This amount is to be released as soon as possible to the front of the fight against coronavirus in Ireland. The money will go directly to the government medical organizations. The number of ill patients is growing rapidly. The CEO of the Irish lottery said, "I am glad that 16 million euros from expired awards have become available to support investment in healthcare during the unprecedented national crisis due to COVID-19."

At the top of all this news, also World Lottery Associaton halted most of their actions during the pandemic.