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Is National Lottery (Powerball and Lotto) rigged?

Published: Saturday, August 5, 2017

There is no need to rig the lottery because it earns money without any fraud. So, probably the National Lottery from South Africa is not rigged. We could and this article right now. However, we have some information for you about other lotteries and suspicious activities during the draw (live or not).

German Lotto .de phenomenon

Sunny Wednesday in the July 2014 in the German Lotto ( was happy for people playing the following numbers: 9,10,11,12,13 and 37. Three lucky winners who predicted such results will receive a split amount of jackpot winnings. This seems to be unbelievable, but is it really?!

Media raised the buzz about the possible fraud. The argument was if 9,23,25,33,35,37 is more likely to be drawn than connected numbers like 9,10,11,12,13,37? This proves elementary deficiencies in logic thinking and simple mathematics. Read on, and once and for all, you will find out why.

The basic mistake of the most players is to think, that Lotto draws are about numbers. Nothing more wrong! In Lotto, we draw balls not numbers! Numbers painted on the balls are just identifiers. Because of that, they can not be used in mathematical operations as adding or time series. What does this basic knowledge mean? Imagine that instead of the numbers on the balls, we put names of different animals, because why not? So, now we have results:

Goat, dog, rat, horse, snake, giraffe - (9,10,11,12,13,37)

And another ball/numbers/animals sequence:

Goat, monkey, fly, cat, bush, giraffe - (9,23,25,33,35,37)?

Which is more likely to be drawn tomorrow? Any possible combination. You can't think of any correct animal order, do you? That's the point. By the way, lucky Germans won on Wednesday � 262,713.90 each.

Serbian Lotto (LOTO) - evidence of fraud?

2015 on July 28th, during a draw in Serbian TV PRVA 1 there was an amazing incident. During the live draw, Serbian players saw the number on the screen, that wasn't drawn this day.

It would not be surprising at all, it could be the supervisor mistake! But seconds later everybody saw this exact number being drawn from the lottery machine! It was a ball with number 21. The draw was paused after drawing 27, and the presenter was not sure what to do next. After a while, the draw was continued, but the screen still had the wrong number! Everyone in Serbia became suspicious that the lottery is rigged.

You can see this on the video below:

For anyone who thinks the lottery is rigged, it will be proof of the scam. Lotteries should be clean like a tear. However, this incident can be just an unfortunate mistake. It could be the mistake of the executor who instead of 27 heard the presenter saying 21, or didn't see ball correctly. What is the probability that after one number, the next number will be exactly the same? After having selected four balls from the drum, there was 35 left (the LOTO lottery is to match 7 out of 39 numbers). The chance to make a mistake in this particular situation is 1 to 35.

Usa Hot Lotto rigged by the lottery worker

The process in court was fast and the person who was in charge of the lottery security, and who in practice exploited computer system for his own benefit, was found guilty of the multiple frauds.

Eddie Tipton is probably the first man in the world who rigged the lottery successfully. Although the Iowa lottery says that their games are completely safe. How does it relate to the fact that the person responsible for security managed to deceive the system?

Eddie, a 52-year-old security director at a lottery company, was convicted of double fraud. He was accused of installing a special program in the lotto system, which allowed him to crack it. He managed to draw his own numbers in Hot Lotto on December 29, 2010, when the jackpot was $ 14.4 million!

No one predicted that one of the few people with access to a lottery computer would be able to rig it for his purposes. Moreover, this could help the fact that Eddie had hidden his crime for some time.

How to discourage players - Illinois lottery introduces lotto with computer draws

State authorities have announced on Friday, September 2015, the introduction of new computer-generated draws despite the fact that they are aware of how much people are opposed to such solution. The mechanical draw is better for players because they can actually see balls being drawn on tv.

Lottery in Illinois will rely on a computer system that will select numbers using a random generator. The players don't like the fact that they would not be able to participate in the draw using their own senses to see the balls. What's worse, in history, mistakes occurred in results, often unnoticed for months. Not to mention that a man who had access to a lottery computer, and set his own winning numbers was recently convicted...