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Philippine PCSO and SA Lottery games comparison

Published: Sunday, August 13, 2017

Asians are known over the globe as very keen players. They allocate far more earnings for gambling than the usual South African citizen. Philippines have almost 101 million population (as counted in 2015 y.) and GDP per capita equal to 8,233$. Currency is peso (PHP) with exchange rate to rand : 1 PHP = R 0.26.

Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office as an administrator of lottery games

Lotteries existed in the Philippines as early as 1833. Firstly, the Spanish government conducted lottery games to generate revenues. It is widely known that Dr. Jose Rizal won Php 6,200 in the draw in 1892. He donated winnings for education purposes. This shows that lotteries in PH were always about raising money for charity.

Loteria stopped operation during the Revolution. The idea of holding Lotto games was revived in the early 1930s. First sweepstake draw was conducted by the government in 1932 to raise funds for sports projects. More draws were held after that by National Charity Sweepstakes organization.

PCSO has been born on June 1954. Since then, the organization presented many lottery games for their citizens. It is known that money raised this way fund to provide funding for essential health and welfare projects nationwide.

PCSO lottery - games results,cost and probability

The most playable games in PH are Lottos. These are simple Lotto's known over the world as games where you need to pick up 6 numbers without bonus ball. PCSO offers 5 kinds of this game! So you have the most difficult Ultra Lotto (6/58), then Grand Lotto (6/55), Super Lotto (6/49) Megalotto (6/45) and Lotto (6/42). All the PCSO Lotto and Swertres results are to find on the page These games single combination coupon costs 20 pesos.

Filipino players have much more to choose from. There are three types of "Pick" games. Pick 3 named Swertres or Suertres. Pick 4 named 4-Digit Lotto and Pick 6 named 6-Digit Lotto. The last of the PH games is EZ2 which is this type of strange Lotto with selectin 2 numbers from 31 numbers pool. Interesting is the fact that Swertres and EZ2 are not available for the whole country and these draws are conducted three times every day. At 11 am, 4 pm and 9 pm.

Similar games in Phillipines and South africa

When considering the chances of winning the most similar game to African Lotto is PH Supr Lotto. Ultra Lotto is two times harder to win! SA Powerball is similar to PH Grand Lotto. The cost of a single combination to play is quite similar in both countries.

The difference is many payout dividends are capped to max amount, instead of dividing equally as written in regulations (SA lottery).

Differences between PCSO and SA National Lottery

In the Philippines, there are no added games like "Plus" games. The lottery market consists of many different games. Players like to play strange games like Pick/Swertres because these games have draws three times a day and people like to see results that often.

Philippine players can't play online their favorite games. Although online gambling procedures can be irritating in SA, it's the matter of time of the same adoption in PH.

PCSO Lotto games are very hard and because of that rollovers can reach outstanding sums. Even over 200,000 pesos.