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Easter "Millionaires" Raffle - Results to be announced 27th May, after 21:30 PM!

Wednesday 8 March, 2017

south African easter raffle

Christmas MINI Raffle, edition 2017 results and information is HERE!

Millionaires Raffle Results (May 2017) are ready to check!!!

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Last holiday raffle was quite a success. Ithuba, National Lottery operator announced another raffle for Easter. Find out what is it all about!

Winners numbers - 12 x 1 MILLION RAND
  • 0028510
  • 0192114
  • 0626099
  • 0741289
  • 0090067
  • 0226553
  • 0639545
  • 0936802
  • 0176939
  • 0539298
  • 0684039
  • 0981377

Raffle 2017 results in text files:

Winning R 1 Million ticket numbers - Raffle 2017
Division 2 - Winning R100,000 ticket numbers - Raffle 2017
Division 3 - Winning R10,000 ticket numbers - Raffle 2017
Division 4 - Winning R1,000 ticket numbers - Raffle 2017

For more winning numbers use ticket checker.

Easter/Millionaires Raffle Info

Ticket sales open on 26'th March 2017. You have 18 more days to save some money for the raffle tickets. Ticket pool will be limited as last time and will be only 2 million. You can expect some great prizes for jackpot winners and some cash prizes for smaller winnings. Ithuba announced the prizes:

  • 12 x jackpot prizes, worth R 1,000,000
  • over 1500 smaller cash prizes
Millionaires Raffle prizes:

PrizeHow manyOdds
R 1 Million121 in 166 666
R 100 000301 in 66 666
R 10 0005001 in 4 000
R 1 0001 0001 in 2 000

Closing date is 27 may, 20:30 but tickets probably will be sold out before this date.

PLEASE COME BACK AFTER 21:30 PM on 27 May 2017 for results!

Easter Raffle ticket - what is the cost, where to buy?

To buy a ticket you must be at least 18 years old. Tickets will be available at every retailer. Just tell the seller ticket amount you want to get and he will give you printed coupons. Save them safe for the raffle draw. Every ticket number is selected randomly by the lottery central system.

Ticket cost is R20.

Update 26 march 2017:
  1. You can buy a ticket from today!
  2. Raffle tickets also available online at
  3. One time you can buy maximum of R10,000 worth tickets (500 pieces).
  4. After the Millionaires Raffle draw come back here and check if you win with our fast checking tool.
  5. 1560 prizes are waiting for you.
  6. Ticket sale is restricted to 2 million.
  7. 1560 winning raffle tickets will be selected randomly by machine (computer random generator RNG).
  8. The draw will not be public.

Millionaires Raffle - when is the draw?

The draw will be on 27 may 2017 at 21:30, so you have 2 more months to buy a ticket. But be quick, there is only 2M of them. Results of the draw will be presented on this page after the draw. Fast, auto raffle code checker to be available a few days before the closing date.

Millionaires Raffle (Easter) results - when? - (update 25.04.2017)

There are still tickets available. Be quick, as you have only a few weeks left to get your millionaires raffle tickets. remember, they can be sold out soon!

All you would like to know about easter raffle:

Game Name
Millionaires RAFFLE
Sales Open
26 March 2017
Draw Date
27 May 2017
Tickets Available
2 Million
Ticket Price
Prize Divisions

  • Division 1: 12 X R1 Million each (R1 million each for 12 winners)
  • Division 2: 30X R100,000 each
  • Division 3: 500X R10,000 each
  • Division 4: 100X R1,000 each

Results will be presented as soon as possible on this page, along with automatic Raffle ticket checker. Results are planned to be presented on 27 May 2017 in the evening. First, Raffle results will be issued by ITHUBA to the national media and social media.

Update 6 April 2017:
Video instruction "How to play Millionaires Raffle" presented by Ithuba, preserving all rights:

Update 22 May 2017:
To all the player - guys, there is only 5 days more to the big Millionaires Raffle draw. Numbers will be drawn at 21:30 PM, probably not in public. Results will be provided shortly after, although as we learned last time - there can be some delay - minutes up to even hours. Ithuba is going to show the list of winning numbers. Then your duty is to check your tickets. You are able to do this on this site with ticket checker. Then it will be good to double check with the results in the nearest Ithuba retailer. What's more you can try reaching official site -

Last time in Christmass 2016, this raffle was very successful. The prizes were brand new cars and cash prizes. This time we can win up to R1,000,000. Exactly 12 lucky players will be millionaires after the draw on 27th May.

More informations to come soon! Visit later.