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Player thought he have won 75$ but real amount was 75,000$!

1player in California won 75,000 $ but he didn't know about this. He thought he won only 75$ due to a mistake made by cashier. This stroy has huge twist - check inside, what is the truth about honesty in the lottery.

Publication: 04.04.2018

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How to play "Lottery Turns 18 Competition"?

There is ne exciting game for South African lottery players! Game is called Lottery Turns 18, and it is competition held in Metro FM. Everyone can try to get into the actiob by sending sms.

Publication: 29.03.2018

powerball numbers ideas

Some lottery number ideas before the upcoming Powerball draw

Big jackpot in Powerball draw is coming on 30 march, 2018. You will need some neat lottery numbers ideas to play. So we made statistics and generated graph maps with numbers.

Publication: 28.03.2018

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Anonymous winners of the lotteries

Can you be anonymous after the winning the lottery? In South Africa - yes, how about other countries. What are specific problems in this case. Why do we never meet lottery winners on the street?

Publication: 26.03.2018

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Which lottery drawings are tonight?

Very simple to use lottery calendar for you. If you play lottery you always should know when are your favourites games being drawn. Just bookmark this article for fast reach anytime.

Publication: 23.03.2018

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How to multiply your lottery win - story from Michigan, US

Short story about the lucky player from USA. He won much more in the lottery because he always chooses bet multiplying option. Are African players eglible to do that in our national lotteries?

Publication: 21.03.2018

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Where do the lottery taxes go?

Find out where lottery taxes in South Africa go. Do they really help the poor. Maybe the government helps children with these funds? We managed to find the information on this important topic.

Publication: 19.03.2018

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Tax fraud using scratch cards in the USA

US citizens found a way to cheat on taxes using usedm non-winning scratch cards... Want to know how? Read our newest article, check what we found about this case.

Publication: 09.03.2018

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Retired bus driver won the lottery - New York

Retired bus driver won over 4 million dollars. What would you do with this amount of money? Check which lotteries in USA gives such a chance to win big. How it looks when compared to African games?

Publication: 28.02.2017

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Did you won R110 million in Lotto on 27th January 2018?

Did you check your lottery tickets after the draw? Still four lucky Lotto players did not claim their winnings. The draw happened 27.01.2018 and was the biggest jackpot ever in South Africa.

Publication: 12.02.2018

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Saturday Lotto draw with guaranted record breaking R 110 Million!

If you want to win, you need to play. And tommorow is special occassion - record breaking jackpot in LOTTO worth of R 110 million guaranted!

Publication: 26.01.2018

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Did you claim your Mini Cooper? Three raffle cars waiting for winners

You should probably check your raffle tickets one more time, as still 3 people have not claimed their cars. Go into article to find numbers and shops where tickets were sold. Is it you?

Publication: 19.01.2018

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Wonderful lotto systems - do they exist?

Lottery draws are random, non deterministic. That means that nobody can make mathematical system for winning. So don't lose your money for such a scam systems.

Publication: 16.01.2018

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R100 million Jackpots guaranted on 22-23 December!

Christmas is going to be very lucky for someone. On 23-24 December there are planned guaranted Jackpots totalling R100 milion! Check more informations in the article.

Publication: 05.12.2017

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He gave his daughter $4 million worth lottery ticket for a birthday!

How lucky is this? She won the lottery with a scratch card that she got as a present for her birthday. Now she is planning how to invest these millions of dollars to have wonderful life.

Publication: 13.11.2017

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