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31.05.2017 - One winner still didn't claimed the winning Christmass Raffle ticket

One player still unclaimed his winning from Christmass edition of Raffle. The car is waiting for him or her - check your tickets, maybe it is You?! Read more..

15.04.2017 - Biggest Lotto Plus Jackpot for housewife from Free State

Wondering what was the highest amount ever won in Lotto Plus? As the matter of fact, this jackpot was hit this year, on March 1. Now it belongs to housewife from Free State of SA. Read more..

08.03.2017 - Easter Raffle - SA lottery starts on march 26!

In about 20 days new Easter Raffle tickets sale begins! Many great prizes are waiting for you. Check more information about this special offer only for Easter. How much is the ticket? Read more..

27.02.2017 - 10 interesting facts about Lotto, you need to know!

Dou you know about these facts? lotto is very popular game, so many stories came to our minds during writing this article. Some are funny, some very surprising, and some can be very sad. Read more..

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